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New Program Helps Reduce Employees’ Gas Costs by Increasing Fuel Economy

2008-07-17 09:47:00

    SOUTHFIELD, Mich., July 17 /EMWNews/ -- In response to the urgent

need for commuters to combat the effect of skyrocketing gas prices, CerMet

Lab Company has introduced a program that guarantees increased fuel mileage

for a company's employees. CerMet's Employee Fuel Assistance Plan (EFA)

provides a patented nano-particle ceramic conditioner that reduces friction

in vehicle engines, resulting in a measurable reduction in fuel

consumption. It is an inexpensive way to give a significant "bonus" to

employees that can be worth hundreds, or often thousands of dollars in fuel


    CerMet client Steven Levin, CEO, SMD, said: "In this energy crisis, we

wanted to find a way to show we cared, and to help our employees with their

increased commuting costs. We purchased CerMet to help save them money."

    CerMet's Senior VP Sales, Richard Edwartoski, said: "Our EFA Plan

provides long-term excess fuel consumption relief. Many promotions across

the country provide a one-time upfront benefit, such as a $20 or $50 gas

card, but the CerMet program can give you continuous cost savings, year

after year. With the gas prices hurting so many workers getting to and from

their place of business, the need for some relief is not optional, it's


    Employers have the option of sharing the cost of the plan with their

employees, or human resources departments can offer these savings to their

employees as a fully-paid benefit, or reward. If fuel expenses are paid by

the company, then the company benefits financially from the improved fuel


    As a conservative example, an average worker who fills their gas tank

at least once per week and reduces fuel consumption by 10% would save over

$1200 over the life of the treatment, which is designed to last 60,000

miles. Independent tests, including a SAE fuel consumption test (J1321 Type

II), have verified that the CerMet treatment provides a measurable and

repeatable improvement in fuel economy.

    CerMet is a do-it-yourself engine treatment product that is added to

the vehicle's engine oil, which carries microscopic ceramic nano-particles

to the friction zones, and these particles then bond to the metal surfaces

to significantly reduce friction. No mechanic is required.

    CerMet reduces fuel consumption in virtually any gas or diesel-powered

engine, and the Employee Fuel Assistance Plan can be extended to

motorcycles, boats, RVs, lawn equipment, trucks, or heavy equipment.

    In addition to saving money, participants gain the satisfaction of

knowing that they are helping to reduce carbon emissions and their

company's carbon footprint. CerMet has also committed to donating 5% of all

proceeds from the program to Conservation International or other charitable

organizations chosen by the participating company.

    Visit for more information. Or

contact Richard Edwartoski at CerMet (800.372.7580, x107),

[email protected].

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