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On International Yoga Day Get 15% Off On Bookscrit’s Book Promotion Services

During the celebration of International Yoga Day, authors can popularize their books with exclusive book promotion services with an added flat 15% discount. Get it now.

California City, California Jun 21, 2024 ( – Every author wants to reach their target audience base and to complete this trajectory to acquire not just better exposure as a writer but also to witness more book sales for their releases. Bookscrit can help you to complete this journey smoothly and in a more profound way. On this International Yoga Day, you can get 15% off on each of their book marketing services. They are ready with their assorted services including press release distribution along with various other content marketing options. They have fashioned a small yet effective content marketing package to share the light that your book releases deserve. To popularize a book it is also important to add promotional aspects like the author’s media kit and online advertisements. By including several of these marketing strategies you can concoct the most thriving outcome for your books.

With their book promotion services, any author can gain the most comprehensive book marketing approaches. The services will ensure that you get more popularity worldwide increasing the number of sales of your books. To get started you will need to share your email address on the designated box on their website. On the next page, you will find the press release distribution measures. There are two types of press release distribution you can acquire from them. The first type is their Primary Tier press release distribution, in this distribution, your press release will be distributed to over 145 sites. The second type is their Expert-tier distribution which will take your press release to more than 195 news sites, you can choose whichever option you prefer for your book distribution.

In their next segment of eBook promotion services, you will get options like book reviews, and book introductory distribution to bring more attention to your releases. Their next option is a book review, news release, and book introduction to bring more exposure to your book. You can also go for individual content marketing options like news distribution, blogs, and interviews to bring more attention to your books. You can also order an ‘Author Media Kit’ (AMK) to amply your marketing ideas. There are two types of AMK you can get, which are a 5-page kit or an 8-page kit, based on your requirement and budget you can choose any one of these two to promote your book exponentially. Once you have selected an option from this page you can move forward to the next one.

In this portion, you will find Google display ads and other social media promotional options to promote your book. To reach your target audience base you can go for their social media promotions which include Facebook promotion, Pinterest Promotions, and Instagram promotions. For their book promotion services, you will get a lot of attention, to initiate the process you will need to share your name along with your email address and added information about your book. Once you have completed this segment you can go to the next step to complete the payment. To make this payment you can choose PayPal or you can also opt for a credit card to make this payment. Whether you want to popularize your books or your Kindle editions, you can acquire the same services for other of them. On this International Yoga Day, you can get a flat 15% off on each of their services.

About the Company

Bookscrit is one of the most authentic book marketing websites which will not just allow you to acquire the best results in the most short time span. With their services, many authors have reached their readers base effectively.

To learn about their overall marketing trajectory you must visit their website,

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