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One last time Family Happiness Kenny Soto GoFundME Campaign

 – May 1, 2019  My Name is Kenny Soto and I have launched a GoFundME campaign to help my family today. Thank you for taking the time to read my campaign, this really means a lot to my family. I am a Father, married with  6 kids 2 boys and 4 girls. Their names are Kenny jr at 15 years old, Xavier at 17 years old, Alexia at 13 years old, Caroline at 10 years old, Lesley at 9 years old, Isabella 5 years old and my wife Martha.

My wife lost her mom I lost my mom and dad so we are on our own with our kids and now it might be our last time that our kids be with there mom. We lost our parents and it hurts so we want to give our kids the best memory’s they can ever have it will be hard for all of us.

Our next and last trip we want to go to the Philippines but we do not have our passports. Our plan is to first secure our kids birth certificate in order to get their passports. Some of the money will raised will go to order the  birth certificate(s), then we will get our passports. After birth certificates and passports we will need the plane cost for the travel. The accommodation will likely be a hotel and of course food for the family. We wish to spend as much time together as a family and try to travel as much as we can and this year my wife got very sick we do not know if my wife will make it till the end of this year.

The last time my wife went to the doctor they told my wife that she had a lump on the left side of her lung and that the lump got bigger then the lat time we came now my wife is in fear. Now my wife have been suffering with this pain where the lump is.  I am asking for a life long dream surprise for my wife she is wanting to travel across seas.

The reason why I am asking for help is because I cannot afford the trip alone with my wife’s health condition I want my kids to remember their mother in happiness and not be sad.

All the donations that we receive will go towards our trip as a surprise for  the trip. i want to take the fear away from my wife. Thanks to all the  donations we will receive we can make her happy.

Our next and maybe our last trip as a family with mom.We want to go to Thailand.  Please anything will help to get us start on our life long memories of happiness as I want our kids to have the best time with their mother before my wife passes I have a T-shirt Decal business I will donate a shirt or decal if you like. you can look at my website if it is still up and running because i am trying to save for our trip and it cost $100 a month to keep up and running . my website is  www.graphicandlogo.com my email is flexinctest @gmail.com

Please donate please do not forget to request a T-shirt or car decals   That is the best way I can thank you enough I’m sure any little bit will help and we really appreciate all you give to us and thank you. once we reach our goal or close to our goal we will post as many updates as possible thank you god bless.


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