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Opportunities and challenges faced by China’s packaging and printing machinery

Our world is changing dramatically. Artificial intelligence changes the way work is done. New energy vehicles are gradually replacing traditional fuel vehicles. A large number of Chinese packaging and printing factories have moved to Southeast Asia. Mexico and Vietnam accepted orders for U.S. food packaging products. Saudi Arabia and Arab countries are trying to develop their own packaging and printing industry belts. Machinery related to packaging and printing products also faces huge challenges and opportunities.

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Which machines have been the most popular over the past year?

This question is not difficult to answer because paper bag forming machines have undoubtedly been the most sought after machines over the past two years. In Europe and North America, plastic bags will be banned. The market demand for paper bags is growing, such as food packing, shopping gift packaging, and so on. Paper bags making machines are becoming more and more popular in American, Canada, Mexico. At the same time, the attention of paper roll slitting and rewinding machines, flexo printing machines, and paper bags handle forming machines has also increased significantly.

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Which country has the fastest growing packaging and printing products industry?

Vietnam is becoming the largest production base for packaging and printing products in Southeast Asia. In Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi City, we will find more and more large factories being put into operation. They produce paper cups, square bottom paper bags, V bottom paper bags, medicine boxes, cosmetic boxes and other products for the United States and Europe. China’s largest paper cup machinery manufacturer has identified Vietnam as one of their most important markets in 2024. New discovery machinery also want to develop Vietnam market. The web shape roll material slitter rewinder machine, sheeter machine manufacturer Binbao machinery established Vietnam representative office in Ho Chi Min city to provide better service for local users.

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Chinese machinery manufacturers still cannot provide good enough localization services.

Through years of hard work, our machinery manufacturer has achieved good sales results in Southeast Asian countries and Middle East countries. However, local after-sales service is very lacking. Local engineers and technicians do not know enough about Chinese equipment, so third-party technical service companies cannot solve the after-sales problems of Chinese companies. However, Chinese machinery companies are deepening cooperation with local machinery dealers, not only jointly expanding market sales, but also training more professional Chinese machinery technicians. In addition, Chinese machinery companies are also cultivating after-sales service teams with higher professionalism and English communication skills.


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Even though we have challenge of international marketing, Binbao machinery still pay more attention to develop international market of paper slitter rewinder machine and paper roll sheeter machine. Binbao machinery have representative companies in Egypt, Russia and Vietnam. They have local engineers team to help Binbao machinery to provide local after sales service. End users can easily to get spare parts and answer of all machine problems within 24 hours. We took many operating video to teach clients’ operators to run our various model slitter rewinder machine and roll sheeter machine. For Spanish, Arabic speaking countries, we have established good cooperation with many local engineers. For example, in Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and other countries, we are able to arrange skilled engineers to provide door-to-door services to customers.


Even though we are facing many difficulties, we believe that the paper product packaging and printing industry still has opportunities for future development. Use more environmentally friendly paper products to replace traditional plastic cups and bags to make our world a bigger and better place.


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