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After 20 years in the Air Force, my husband and I retired and we decided to move back to our hometown.Owning a restaurant was our dream for over 20 years and, 5 years ago, that dream came true. We poured all of our savings and retirement money into this dream. We found a beautiful building that was a former functioning restaurant. It had some equipment and everything!

The only problems were some leaks in the roof and the need for some major elbow grease!Unfortunately, instead of repairing the roof, we had to replace the entire thing. The bank didn’t winterize so all the pipes exploded after the sale.

Then we found out the hood & duct system was not to code, same with the fire suppression system, then the condenser unit in the walk-in cooler, but what really broke us was replacing the entire septic system…at $60K. The restaurant has been an amazing success, and if not for our debt we would be able to tell you that we will be here with you forever. but we chose this building and started out behind and have just been unable to outrun the effect of that choice.

We have held fundraisers to help our community and we have poured several hundreds of thousands of dollars into our community by buying local and if we’re able to keep our dream alive we would continue to do so.

Check out the excellent reviews we get on

both on our Facebook page and on the TripAdvisor link there. We are doing something great and meaningful here in our little town and we do not wish to stop!


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/our-restaurant-our-life