Pancreatic Cancer Research

Hey everyone! My name is Trenton White a young man born in San Antonio, Texas and I am sending a message to my friends and family members to ask for donations to give to the American Cancer Association and to promote Pancreatic Cancer Research. My father passed away last year on September 28th 2017 due to Pancreatic Cancer. Since then I have been very supportive of cancer research and giving back.

You can also find another organization called the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network on LinkedIn for more information on this initiative. Also please retweet #APowerfulExchange for this cause on Twitter. In addition, I am writing a book titled “A Powerful Exchange”.

This project is growing more and more from a small seed that was planted by my fathers passing! I want to help people and families that are not aware of this type of cancer because it is deadly and unexpected. Please help me raise funds for this cause!

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