Patricia Kirklin (My mom)

My mom was admitted to the hospital in California on last week. My wife and I was able to see her as we were there for a family reunion. The doctor set a meeting on that Friday July 20th to discuss what they found. On both of her lungs they found nodules.

They want to perform a biopsy to further examine what they saw. During this time she also developed Pneumonia. Also, from the time we visited her on last week until now, she has also developed Renal failure and is now currently on Dialysis. They must perform the biopsy to determine what they suspect as cancer.

My sister and brother have been overwhelmed with appointments, visits and taking off from work to achieve these. The reason for this fund is to help me get to California to help lighten their load and to spend time with my mom. I will have to miss work for a week or two as I plan on leaving for California as soon as possible.

So I’m asking for this to help with travel, lodging and to help with household expenses as my wife and daughter stay back in Arizona. At this time, I urgently need to get to her as she is not eating and has even become delirious at times. Any donation in any amount will do.

I will greatly appreciate your act of kindness during this time.

May God bless you.