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PDHI ConXus(R) Platform Allows Health Improvement Programs to be Localized for Each Employer

2008-08-04 06:00:00

PDHI ConXus(R) Platform Allows Health Improvement Programs to be Localized for Each Employer

    DES MOINES, Iowa, Aug. 4 /EMWNews/ -- Protocol Driven Healthcare,

Inc. (PDHI) enhances the ConXus Platform with greater flexibility for

clients to meet requirements of each employer end client. Options for

localization include:

    -- Service levels. Employers choose the service level they require by

configuring application modules in different combinations, for example,

self-directed or coach supported.

    -- Branding. Flexible branding by end client includes client-branding,

employer-branding, or co-branding.

    -- Communication. End client adds and updates program information. The

ConXus Program Center directs employees to complete the defined task at the

right time, enhancing program compliance, engagement, and participation.

    -- Program rules. Each employer establishes program start and end

dates, incentive points available, and program rules for employees to

qualify for incentives.

    -- Incentive fulfillment. Employer end clients customize their

incentive fulfillment program to integrate with employer benefits.

Incentive program options may include gift cards, wellness days, or

enhanced health benefits. For example, one employer client might allow

employees to earn incentive points that can be redeemed with a gift card;

another employer client might allow employees to earn a wellness day for

achieving a defined level of points.

    -- Workplace challenges. Challenges in such areas as exercise and

weight loss are designed and delivered along with program rules and

available incentive points.

    -- Health events. Events such as wellness seminars and flu shots that

occur throughout the year are defined and tracked.

    "Our employer clients and brokers are demanding customized programs

that support local workplace initiatives," said Jacque Abernathy, president

of Touchpoints. "We selected ConXus because we needed a flexible, scalable

platform with integrated applications and content to support the multiple

service levels required by our clients."

    The ConXus platform is designed for healthcare organizations that

deliver health and wellness programs to multiple employer end clients. PDHI

clients include health plans, disease management companies, health and

wellness companies, and brokers. ConXus enables the delivery of

comprehensive wellness programs that include assessment and stratification,

biometric screening data integration, behavior change, health coaching,

wellness challenges and events, and incentive tracking and fulfillment.

    About Touchpoints

    Touchpoints, based in The Woodlands, Texas, provides a revolutionary

way to communicate employee benefit information. The innovative Touchpoints

solution enables organizations to deliver high-quality, customized,

easy-to-understand content to employees and dependents; helps employees

make better decisions about benefits usage; and offers accessible, uniquely

branded print and electronic communications. By focusing on an

organization's specific cost drivers, Touchpoints can save between 5 and 13

percent on the annual increase in benefits costs. For further information,


    About Protocol Driven Healthcare, Inc.

    PDHI is a healthcare technology and data processing organization that

provides preventive health applications and services using the ConXus(R)

health improvement platform. ConXus solutions are scalable and flexible,

driving process efficiency and project control for clients. PDHI has

adopted an open-systems approach, including extensive administrative tools

and interfaces that allow integration of ConXus solutions into client

portal environments. For more information, visit

Contact: David Abel Vice President of Sales and Marketing 908-315-0365, ext. 1026 [email protected] Paul N. Greenwood Executive Vice President of Business Development 515-277-1376, ext. 1224 [email protected]

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