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Pet Stain Remover Manufacturer Exposes Truth About Ammonia Pet Product Companies Greedy Pockets

2008-08-08 02:00:00

Pet Stain Remover Manufacturer Exposes Truth About Ammonia Pet Product Companies Greedy Pockets

A natural cleaning products manufacturer takes it into their own hands to expose ammonia and toxic based pet stain removers and odor eliminators in the market. Discover how these toxic pet stain removal products caused consumers to empty there pockets due to constant urination from there pets caused by ammonia based formulas.

(EMWNews) August 8, 2008 — Stunningly a new green product manufacturer exposes the injustice of many pet stain and odor remover products by giving away their own. In the battle to remove pet stains, the company has exposed the simple truth that ammonia was a profitable raw material for many crack pot manufacturers in manufacturing pet stain removers.

In a internal research study, a large wholesale cleaning products manufacturer in Florida. After considerable research of competing pet stain removal and odor elimination products, the results of their study have been exposed to the public.

What they have reported may be interesting and looked upon as a greedy manufacturer’s business model. While most business owners see this as opportunity owner has stuck to it’s core business strategy and continues to product amazing green products that emphatically change how your day feels after using there Green Bean Product line. In fact, the company has exposed this harsh truth about pet products and has made a huge attack on all other pet stain remover products in the market.

According to internal research, most pet stain removers in the market as of today are using ammonia based formulations. This raw material has been used for it’s cleaning purposes, but after doing some critical research and somewhat of a “I am tired of what is out there and there must be something better for my pet…” Markus Skupeika stated. The owner has teamed up with his chemistry department and has discovered that these ammonia based formulas are very profitable for product manufacturers, but seriously problematic for pet owners. No only to the pocket books of pet owners. The pets and family suffer as well.

Why were ammonia based products were being thrown into the market blindly by manufacturers?

Ammonia was in fact according to internal research by to increase pet urination. This ammonia is also found in pet urine and when sprayed onto carpeting to clean pet problems, the pet no matter how well trained found itself urged to urinate simply because of it’s nature. The ammonia from these dog urine cleaners would cause pets to simply urinate more, thus creating more need for the product and many other harmful additions to consider for pet owners. The solution according to is to implement dog urine cleaners with pheromones.

After careful study, the organic wholesale cleaning products company have developed an entirely new brand for pet stains and odor elimination. In fact with employees frustration with other products as well as the owners frustration with what was out in the market, a new product has been born.

Pet Owners Going Green With Bonus Points and A Free Sample To Boot!

Stainerizer is now being offered with a free sample to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Not only that, interested pet owners can view the natural cleaning products company massive product launch. Which tons of added bonuses which will only be available during the launch will in fact be entirely free.

The wholesale cleaning product manufacturer has thrown into the massive launch free shipping, free pheromones, free aroma therapy fragrance, and a huge community to help pet owners train and work with there pets.

If you are a pet owner and ever doubted any pet stain remover, be sure to review there Stainerizer launch page. Currently the company has stated that the product with bonuses will not be available at the same price after the launch of 3000 gallons have been sold. After the 3000 gallons of the dog and cat urine cleaner has been sold, prices and bonuses are expected to be additional to the discounted price launch members would receive.

Stop by, if the product is still available and join the pet stain and odor remover launch to receive your free sample plus the special added bonuses.

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