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Philadelphia-Based Document Solution Company, Vuzit, Makes Major Technology Upgrade; Launches Commercial Web Site

2008-07-15 11:45:00

Corporate Customers Sign Up for Vuzit Packages That Harness Power

of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

PHILADELPHIA–(EMWNews)–Philadelphia start-up company Vuzit

announced today that it has made substantial technology improvements to

its online document viewing product. The company has also launched its

Business Services Platform.

Vuzit announced that it is now using Amazons

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to convert and display customers

documents. Amazons EC2 service is designed to

make web-scale computing easier for developers and allows Vuzits

customers to benefit from intelligently designed, high-availability


Vuzit CTO Chris Cera said, Tapping into Amazons

EC2 model has allowed us to grow our business tremendously. We now can

convert customers documents 50% faster while

our ability to handle multiple file uploads has scaled infinitely.

Vuzit also announced it is selling a product called the Business

Services Platform. We found in a recent

poll of our customer base that 47% of our users were excited to have a

secure solution for use at their company,

Brent Matzelle, CEO and Founder of Vuzit, noted. Demand

for the product has been overwhelming to say the least.

The launch of the Business Services Platform is yet another big step

forward for Vuzit, which recently won an award from Ben Franklin

Technology Partners for Most

Innovative Product or Service of the Year.

Unlike other pre-packaged solutions in the

marketplace, Vuzit allows the customer to configure our AJAX-based

viewer around their changing needs, noted

Matzelle. Vuzits

highly customizable features coupled with the horsepower and security of

the Amazon Compute Cloud is an evolutionary change in the document

viewing landscape.

About Vuzit: Vuzit is a web services platform that allows

companies and users to view various forms of documents through an

application embedded in their web browser. The service addresses two

major problems faced by organizations that build web sites: the lack of

a universal method of viewing documents and the loss of about $1.7

billion of page revenue each year due to customer web departure. Vuzit

utilizes web services and AJAX to create a best of breed technology for

distributing and viewing documents. For additional information, please


Media Contact:
Dave Noreen, 215-966-6010


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