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Philip Cotrone, Haiti’s New Interim Deputy Prime Minister, Forms Political Party to Empower the People of Haiti

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – In a bold move, Philip Cotrone, Haiti’s new interim Deputy Prime Minister under the transitional government, has announced the formation of his own political party called “Pwisans nan pèp la Pati d’ Ayiti” or “Power to the People Party of Haiti”. This announcement comes as a strong statement to CARICOM and the international community of Cotrone’s dedication to the people of Haiti and their empowerment, rather than being influenced by foreign powers. With this new development, the question arises – will the Department of State back Cotrone for Prime Minister of the fragile country?


Cotrone, a Haitian born candidate for Lt Governor of the State of Missouri, was invited by Haitian leaders to sit as Deputy Prime Minister and aide the flow of funds to the weakened economy of Haiti.

Cotrone’s new political party, “Pwisans nan pèp la Pati d’ Ayiti”, is a clear indication of his commitment to the people of Haiti. As a country that has long been plagued by political instability and foreign interference, Cotrone’s party aims to give power back to the Haitian people. The name itself, which translates to “power to the people”, reflects the party’s mission to prioritize the needs and voices of the Haitian citizens.


This announcement has sparked speculation about Cotrone’s potential candidacy for the upcoming presidential elections. With his strong stance against foreign occupation and his dedication to the people of Haiti, many are wondering if the Department of State will ultimately back Cotrone for President. As a respected and influential figure in Haitian politics, US trained and raised, Cotrone’s decision to form his own party has already gained significant attention and support from the Haitian people.

Cotrone’s new political party is a significant development in Haiti’s political landscape and has the potential to bring about positive change for the country. As the international community watches closely, the question remains – will the Haitian populace accept him? On all counts, Cotrone qualifies to be the Prime Minister of Haiti, only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – Cotrone’s commitment to the people of Haiti is unwavering and his new party is a testament to that. We have reached out to the Prime Minister’s office for a statement on this pivotal decision in Haitian politics.











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