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Plays for the Presidency: Strategy Firm Deconstructs Obama’s Berlin Speech

2008-07-25 17:52:00

Plays for the Presidency: Strategy Firm Deconstructs Obama’s Berlin Speech

    Analysts Find a Total of Ten Specific Influence Strategies Used 64

Times by Obama to Rally Crowd of 200,000

    WASHINGTON, July 25 /EMWNews/ -- The Playmaker's

Standard, LLC, today released a detailed deconstruction of Senator Barack

Obama's "The World Will Stand As One" speech delivered yesterday in Berlin,

Germany. Presented as a visual map, the analysis reveals specific influence

strategies employed by Obama in his address. Available as a two-part PDF,

it can be downloaded from the Plays for the Presidency blog or at these two


    Part I - Obama Speech:

    Part II - Obama Speech:

    Major findings from the speech are as follows:

    -- Obama primarily employed a set of stratagems from two of eight

subclasses of The Playmaker's Table, a "periodic table" of influence

strategies consisting of 25 irreducibly simple maneuvers called "plays."

    -- In the Making His Case portion of the speech, Obama employed the

Challenge play in 45 percent of the analyzed stratagems.

    -- In the Building His Case portion of the speech, Obama relied heavily

upon a play called the Screen, using the play as 32 percent of this

portion. He also made use of the Recast and Label plays, using these plays

as 21 percent and 16 percent in this portion, respectively.

    -- Obama made careful use of counter-intuitive stratagems, such as the

Lantern and Disco plays, only using them as strategic transitions to make

or support his broader agenda.

    The speech was mapped on The Play Action Whiteboard(TM), a

patent-pending web-tool that illustrates the patterns, sequences and trends

of influence strategies.

    The Playmaker's Standard, LLC, based in the Washington, D.C. metro

area, is a management consulting and web software services firm

specializing in communication and competitive strategy. CEO and Founder,

Alan Kelly, is co-creator and co-host of Plays for the Presidency, a weekly

non-partisan radio show that analyzes the moves and counter-moves of the

2008 presidential candidates based on his landmark book, The Elements of

Influence. The show airs on XM P.O.T.U.S., Channel 130, and is also

available as a podcast through iTunes and at the Plays for the Presidency


    The Playmaker's Standard Homepage:

    The Playmaker's Table:

    Plays for the Presidency Blog:

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