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In October 2016, I injured my right hand. I sustained damage to my right hand and wrist, specifically nerve, tendon, and muscle damage. I’m right hand dominate and due to my age and the type of injury, I no longer have the gripping strength that I used to have.

I’ve worked all my life in the construction industry and now that I’ve injured my hand, I no longer can perform those duties to the fullest of my ability. I no longer have the income nor do I see myself going back to work in that capacity. I haven’t worked since my injury last year and bills are starting to stack up and my savings is depleted.

I will use the donated funds to help with living expenses such as rent, bills, food, and other expenses. I can’t express the urgency of this matter enough and hopefully with your help I can get back on my feet and move on with life.

YOU CAN DONATE AS LITTLE AS $2.00 TOTAL ($1.00 to Cause + $1.00 Admin Fee)

Thank You and May God Bless!

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