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Tim Bonner is a 35 yr old man married to Kristie, his wife of 10 years. They have 2 children together, along with a daughter that Kristie has from a prior relationship. The children are 18, 11, and 9. The youngest is autistic.

About 8 years ago, Tim passed out while alone in his kitchen resulting in him hitting his head on a concrete floor. Doctors could never decide if he had a stroke which resulted in the fainting or did hitting of his head on the concrete cause the stroke. From this point on, this family’s lives have been in turmoil. Tim has been diagnosed with a little known disease known as MITOCHODREAL disease which doctors know little to nothing about. It is a neuro/muscular disease with no cure and Tim has not worked for 5 years now. Walking is difficult and he now has just received a feeding tube since swallowing has all but become impossible.

Kristie, the only worker in the house and only one to drive any and all to appointments, to which there are many, has not worked at this point in two weeks. Vacation and sick time used she works without pay when she is not there and FMLA is all that saves her job. Both younger children have also been diagnosed with this horrible disease.

Medical bills are mounting with repeated hospital stays as well as the “food” for the feeding tube not covered by insurance and many other items. This family is finding it difficult to put food on the table since they already almost lost their house.
This fund is hoping to help this young family pay some of their expenses caused by this situation as well as put food on the table and gas in the car. Everything donated is truly appreciated. This situation will not end – we are just trying to get Tim sustainable so Kristie can try and work more and keep Tim out of the hospital as much as possible.

Thank anyone who has taken the time to read this and help. We have put off doing this for a long time but it is dier at this point.

God Bless