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Please help Mike reach his final place to live. Fundrazr ViralExposure.us Campaign

Establishing my final place to live.

I need to move for my living conditions. Partially disabled I am unable to maneuver steps or inclines.

My dream is to get a small plot of land, enough for a large greenhouse and a 500 to 750 sqft living quarters. Something level with no steps or land on a hill. I would need a form of land transportation like a golf cart, a Argo of small tractor/loader.

This will be my final place to live before I go to the afterlife…I’m looking In Montana or Alaska. I haven’t worked over a year due to my diabetes and amputation..currently trying to get disability which should be finalized this year. I need to move by April and hope there are kind people that help people reach their dreams. Thank you for your time….




For more info: http://https://fundrazr.com/91Rzw7?ref=ab_d7Vu07

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