Please help pooh recover

Our cat Pooh, has suffered brain trauma. We got this beautiful lady from a shelter and gave her a good home, we have included her in everything and she loves to go go go. When we brought her home she attached to a pooh bear we had and so of course we gave it to her and she loves to cuddle it in her bed at night. She is a loving girl with a passion for peas and chicken. She is the best bug hunter in the neighborhood and weighs in at 13.4 pounds. Well she did. Pooh had an accident.

We are unsure how it started because we were down a floor but pooh fell over the bannister, hit the wall and fell to the hardwood floor. Family members saw her hit her head. She lay limp not moving, and my husband thought the fall killed her. Pooh was “out” for about 5 minutes. When she came to my husband raced over to her ans very carefully checked her for broken bones. He did notice her eyes had different pupil sizes. She showed signs of stiff limbs and she held her head tilted.

My husband raced her to the vet. Poor Pooh went through shots and CT scans. Pooh was given oxygen and IV fluids. She remained at the vets for 48 hours so they could keep an eye on her. My husband is beyond sad she is suffering. The CT scan is so expensive and Pooh is worth it and more but we are having trouble paying the medical bills. The outlook is good for Pooh, she needs time, quiet and rest. When Pooh was little she played with and was inseperable with our grandson. Please help us pay for this precious cats bills. Thank you.