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I was recently diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive breast cancer called “Triple Negative inflammatory breast cancer”. I’m only 48 yrs old, and have lived a healthy lifestyle. Never smoked, always worked labor intensive jobs, social drinker, healthy diet, which goes to prove it can happen to any of us. I have a beautiful 20 year old daughter to live for, so I am going to fight! Nobody said it would be a cakewalk, and I could really use your help!!!

Just 4 weeks ago on January 8, my life changed forever. Something wasn’t right, and the end result was an extremely rare type of breast cancer called “Triple Negative Inflammatory Breast cancer”. I have full lymph node involvement, including one under my chest that is inoperable. My insurance keeps denying my much needed PET scan to see if the cancer has metastasized beyond the nodes. After 16 weeks of Chemo, there will be surgery, then radiation and chemo again,….I’m stage 4. The survival rate is very low. 65% can live up to 5 years, and the other 35% 5 or more. I am now in chemotherapy treatment, but it’s going to be a long hard road and it makes me very, very sick. If I beat this, I want to raise awareness! Because had I known before, what I have learned since my diagnosis, I would have known something was wrong a year ago.

Ive applied for emergency assistance, SS and SSDI,..Catholic Charities and city welfare. This all takes time. More time then I have to keep my rent, heat, electricity current and food in the house. This money would be used for rent, heating oil, food, electric, while I go through my treatment. I’ve liquidated all unnecessary expenses, but I still need help to keep a roof. I have pathology reports to corroborate my diagnosis and happy to furnish them at anyone’s request! I have a beautiful 20 year old daughter to live for, and she is my driving force! Please feel free to private message me on messenger, or look me up on Facebook.

Thank you!

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