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The Plagiary, a 27-minute short film, takes place in the Nevada Cemetery District and in Sheol – the underworld of the dead. Steve, a plagiarist, teams up with Martin, a hypnotist, and Johnny, an astral travel professor, to steal from the richest place on earth – the graveyard. Steve learns of the death of the greatest chemist at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), who, before he died, failed to share with the world his completed research on a cure for all diseases. Steve projects his astral form to Sheol to meet that dead CDC chemist and steal his idea. After getting out of the astral projection, Steve presents the cure to the world. He becomes the most famous and richest man on earth and the greatest chemist who ever lived.

For more info: http://https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-plagiary-short-film-fantasy-horror

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