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Pssst! Cheap (Great) Music — $10 per Second; and It’s Pre-Cleared and Ready to License



2008-04-01 07:00:00

Pssst! Cheap (Great) Music — $10 per Second; and It’s Pre-Cleared and Ready to License

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–( EMWNews – April 1, 2008) – San Francisco-based Musync

(, the world’s fastest-growing music licensing company,

offering pre-cleared, music from hot indie artists worldwide, just added a

new library — 5 and Dime Music — a new collection of high quality tracks,

also from indie artists and labels, to help clients with smaller budgets.

Broadcast and theatrical pricing is only $10 per second of music used, and

non-broadcast and non-theatrical is only $5 per second.

Seb Jarakian, Musync partner, said, “Prices are low because the tracks

haven’t made a final album release yet. Our goal is to help link producers

with high quality music at decent prices. 5 and Dime is just another way to

connect new artists and producers with smaller budgets.”

Musync has been licensing music to the likes of Google, Zeiss, Clorox,

Toyota, Sony, Microsoft, Esurance TV spots, and TV episodes of the new

season of “The Riches.” Now they want to serve smaller budget productions

and help more artists by licensing their music for greater exposure.

All tracks are pre-cleared and ready to license — no negotiations,

attorney approvals, delays or disappointments. (Definition of pre-cleared


For clients needing a pro to search the catalog of tracks, it’s free.

Both Musync and 5 and Dime Music catalogs are growing fast. The Musync

catalog currently boasts 16,573 tracks from 1,341 artists, on 456 labels in

187 genres from 15 countries worldwide. The 5 and Dime catalog has over

4000 tracks. Jarakian said, “We’ve got at least 6000 tracks in the queue at

various stages of being filtered and pre-cleared. Out of that, we should

have another 4000 great tracks ready to add to the catalog within the next

30 – 60 days.”

5 and Dime also offers free DVDs (with over 700 of the best tracks) to

qualified industry professionals. And they’re in an “iTunes-ready” format

for easy download and search. To order one, visit: — mention 5 and Dime Music in the

comments field. DVDs of the regular Musync catalog are also available at

the same link.

Randy Schroeder, Musync Evangelist, said, “I think Musync and 5 and Dime

are the only catalogs that offers free searches these days. It’s like going

to a great library with a really smart librarian who knows where everything


For further information:

Musync —
Contact: Randy Schroeder
Ph.: +1.415.282.3444
Fax: +1.415.276.2096

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