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From the depths of the hell-fire horrifying childhood abuse; Ripped from his family’s home twice by 12-years-old; Alcohol and drug addicted; High-speed car chases from police, and near-death car and motorcycle crashes; Socializing with serial, and cop-killers, only to find out in hindsight. Shot at by deadly criminals, and police, escaping near-death experiences one after another. Trapped in threats by one of North America’s most dangerous crime families.

A true biographical story of growing up as a truly damaged boy, where his only life preserver was to bring his fight to a boxing ring, surviving the mental torment through martial art training.

Upon finding recovery from his past, he has spoken at over 200 meetings and conferences across North America, within the last two decades, letting others find out they simply are no longer alone. Talking many of them down off the emotional ledge while they once believed death was the only option left.

Shortly after sobering up, he graduated in journalism, as three of the largest sexual abuse scandals in the country came to the surface, Derek Robertson relives all of his insights in his new book – Exiting My Own War.

It is currently being prepared for submission to a publisher. The expected date for release will be January 20, 2018.

The only way for this book to be published and meet the above release date will be based on fundraising.

ALL of the money raised in this campaign will be used to publish and market the book.

Great gratitude will be felt by Derek, as this is very personal for him. All financial help will be significantly recognized both personally, and publicly if so wished.


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