Racial Injustice Questioned Ivy League Student jailed after Judgeship Appointed to Protect Tribal Land

Racial Injustice Questioned: Ivy League Student Jailed after Judgeship Appointed to Protect Tribal Land

A simple controversy over a trespasser on an Indian Reservation road goes from Silicon Valley to Harvard, to Hollywood & Capitol Hill in less than 180 days.

Annapolis, Maryland, February 20, 2023 /EMWNews.com/ Last Friday, the 9th U.S. Court of Appeals opened the second lawsuit against the United States District Court for the San Jose Division filed by a former tribal court judge who was jailed without bail almost six months ago after he seemingly issued an order of restraint to prevent a non-Indian trespasser from returning to an Indian tribal community neighboring the City of Hollister (https://www.todayinlaw.com/article/599916414-abuse-of-power-federal-judge-orders-black-judge-to-jail-for-performing-his-tribal-court-duty).

Prior to the Ninth Circuit’s petition for a writ of prohibition and error (Cary Peterson v. USDC-CASJ, USCA9 No. 23-OP-70034) filed by the (early-retired) Costanoan Tribal Court Chief Justice Cary Lee Peterson, court records show new legal actions among the Supreme Court of the United States (Cary Lee Peterson v. United States, S. Ct No, 22A727, Jan. 31, 2023) and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California (Cary Lee Peterson v. Alameda County Sheriff Dept., et al., CAED No. 23-CV-218).

Other court papers filed by Peterson and his legal team over the past month revealed two former cases held in the Bay Area’s federal district court between 2016 and 2021, that have a direct nexus to the magistrate judge who ordered Peterson to detention without bail for ‘abuse of judicial power’ last September, and the presiding judge’s husband, currently employed by a civil rights organization in San Francisco. Peterson declared them as a “nominal defendant” and “legal foe” upon this NGO’s chief director allegedly committing fraud on the court and legal malpractice against Peterson in 2016 (Peterson v. Hinds, CAND No. 21-CV-07556, ECF Docs. 10-13: United States v. Peterson, CAND No. 16-MJ-70311).

This Tuesday, Peterson goes before United States District Court Judge Beth L. Freeman in San Jose, California. This hearing will specifically address an emergency motion to dismiss the ongoing detention order to detain the then-Tribal Community Court Judge for performing tribal duties last summer at Indian Canyon California’s Native-American Community on an Indian reservation road shared with San Benito County.

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