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Red White and Black – The Film They Don’t Want Me To Make

This observational documentary will provide intimate, insider insight into the Black Liberation movement at a pivotal time in American history. The film will look at the reasons behind the growing anger and feelings of inequality and injustice amongst African Americans in post-Trump America. This has resulted in the formation of many new militant, black separatist groups and a huge increase in the numbers of ordinary, law-abiding people joining such groups.

Over 2018/19, Janey hopes to spend 3-4 months living within the black community in Texas, documenting the stories of the people who are victims of social injustice and police brutality, and those who are taking a stand against this.

Janey has been given unprecedented access to several black militant groups in Dallas and Houston in Texas. Through the eyes of its leaders and members, this film will explore what they want to achieve, and the many challenges they face in trying to make that happen.

For more about me and the film please go to: www.redwhiteandblackfilm.com

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