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Renowned Artist Sues X Corp Over Free Speech

Creating the First Federal Lawsuit Since Elon Musk Took Over

San Francisco, California Jun 13, 2024 (EMWNews.com) – Renowned NFT artist and largest artist on BNB Chain, Jeremy Ryan, also known as NFT Demon filed a lawsuit against X previously known as Twitter on several grounds in federal court. The lawsuit alleges multiple violations of state and federal law related to accounts suspensions and accusing X and Elon Musk of hypocrisy over free speech. The lawsuit stems from the permanent suspension of seven of Ryan’s accounts and accuses Twitter of willfully inflicting economic damage. In addition to punitive and compensatory damages it also requests injunctive relief barring any suspensions without independent review. 

This case marks the first time since Berenson vs Twitter that X will be sued on free speech grounds. It also marks the first such suit since Elon Musk took over Twitter and, among other things, alludes to hypocrisy from Musk regarding free speech. While dozens of such cases have failed on 1st Amendment grounds, Berenson vs Twitter established precedent allowing such cases to go to trial under breach of contract and promissory estoppel grounds. Ryan vs X expands on that with several other business tort allegations. The lawsuit alleges that X’s failure to follow their own policies and their suppression of Ryan’s accounts resulted in substantial monetary loss for Ryan. All of the evidence cited in the lawsuit comes from Elon Musks own tweets or X’s website and communications. The suit alleges that Ryan relied on these statements when choosing to build on Twitter amassing a large following including actor and professional wrestler John Cena and rapper Snoop Dogg. His pieces were also shown in a blockchain investigation to be owned by the famous rapper Eminem, the only pieces owned on the BNB Chain.

The lawsuit also alleges that Ryan appealed his suspension over a dozen times, not once being given a reason for it not having it overturned. Of note Berenson vs Twitter, the case that ensures at least two of Ryan’s claims can see trial settled before trial with Twitter admitting wrongdoing and agreeing to the same injunctive relief requested in Ryans lawsuit. Ryan is being represented by attorney Donna Etamadi. The lawsuit also alludes to a particular concentration in targeting on cryptocurrency related accounts. After the lawsuit was filed Ryan took to Facebook to announce it.

“Unjust and unwarranted suspensions from Twitter have gone on for far too long” Ryan said in his post “While Elon Musk paints himself as a warrior for free speech his actions and those of Twitter show the complete opposite. Week after week I hear of more and more accounts being suspended without cause and even X Engineerings own pinned tweet or a Reddit search will turn up tens of thousands of such examples. For too long X has intentionally ignored its thousands of unjust suspensions per week, as well as its non existent appeal system banking on the basis that nobody would meet the bar of damages necessary to secure representation. It’s time for someone to stand up and I am proud to fill that role along with my attorney Donna Etamadi.”

According to public information Ryan was gifted with the ability to do art after a four year run with brain cancer. One of the pages suspended was for a project called Super Gremlin Society in which Ryan sought to raise money for cancer based charities as well as provide motivation and inspiration for people going through similar struggles. The lawsuit alleges several thousand people were on a wait list to purchase these NFTs. After harnessing that ability Ryan quickly rose to prominence in 2021 and 2022, becoming the largest NFT artist on BNB Chain by number of NFTs sold and number of 10,000 piece collections sold out. Ryan is currently residing in San Diego, California. To find out more about Ryan or his work visit https://nftdemon.com

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Source :NFT Demon Holdings LLC

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