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Republic of Judan Government-in-Exile Continues Its Nation Building Efforts

Aswan, Egypt Jun 25, 2024 (EMWNews.com) – The Republic of Judan, a newly emerging nation located in the Birtawil region of Africa is taking significant strides in its nation-building efforts. The country’s government-in-exile is actively seeking to establish diplomatic channels with neighboring countries, particularly Sudan and Egypt, to discuss its ambitious proposal.

The Republic of Judan Government-in-Exile has made a generous offer to Sudan in the past, proposing to purchase a small amount of the Birtawil territory and coastline in the Hala’ib Triangle for a sum ranging between $50 million and $200 million USD. This strategic move aims to secure a sovereign territory for Judan and facilitate the establishment of over 5,000 homes in the region by 2025.

The Security Council of Judan, referred to as Fourth International, in a recent meeting, discussed various topics related to the nation’s development and the forging of new alliances. The Council emphasized the importance of maintaining the political independence of the state, irrespective of recognition by other nations. This principle is enshrined under international law, which asserts the right of the state to defend its integrity and independence, and to organize itself to ensure its conservation and prosperity.

The Republic of Judan remains committed to its nation-building efforts and is actively seeking to engage with its neighbors to establish mutually beneficial relationships. The country’s leadership is confident that through diplomatic dialogue and cooperation, Judan will be able to secure its place on the global stage and contribute to the prosperity of the region.


The Birtawil territory, also known as Bir Tawil, is a 2,060 km² (800 sq mi) area of land along the border between Egypt and Sudan. It is largely uninhabited, under 1000 residents, and claimed by neither country, making it a unique case of terra nullius, a Latin expression meaning “nobody’s land.”

Under international law, terra nullius refers to a territory that is not subject to the sovereignty of any state. This status is typically the result of historical circumstances, such as the absence of a settled population or a lack of effective control by a state. Bir Tawil’s terra nullius status is the result of a border dispute between Egypt and Sudan that dates back to the 19th century.

The dispute stems from two different borders established by the joint British-Egyptian government during the British imperial era. In 1899, the border was drawn at the 22nd parallel, which would place the Hala’ib Triangle within Egypt and Bir Tawil within Sudan. However, in 1902, Egypt altered the boundary in the far eastern portion of the border, transferring the Hala’ib Triangle to Sudan and Bir Tawil to Egypt.

Following Sudan’s independence in 1956, Egypt and Sudan adopted different interpretations of the border. Egypt regards the 1899 border as the modern border, while Sudan recognizes the 1902 border. As a result, neither country claims Bir Tawil, as doing so would require them to recognize the border favored by the other country, thereby also granting the other nation the more appealing Hala’ib Triangle.


The Republic of Judan views its establishment as a manifestation of divine intervention, particularly considering the uninhabited state of the land it occupies. The leadership believes that the guidance of a higher power has led them to this territory, which they see as a part of a larger, unified Israel. In this uninhabited land, they aim to establish a society governed by the principles of the divine laws, while also welcoming people of all faiths to coexist peacefully. 

The recent devastation in northeastern Africa, largely attributed to radical Islamist groups, serves as a poignant reminder to the Republic of Judan of the urgent need for spiritual guidance and assistance in the region. The Republic sees itself as a beacon of hope, offering a sanctuary where the principles of faith and law can be upheld, providing a stark contrast to the chaos and violence that has gripped parts of the neighboring regions.

The Republic of Judan remains steadfast in its mission to network and establish diplomatic relations with nations, both officially and unofficially. This commitment underscores their resolve, regardless of the challenges they may face. Their determination is unwavering, and they are resolute in their pursuit of recognition and cooperation on the global stage, indicating that external approval by other nations is not a prerequisite for their continued efforts. 


The Security Council of the Republic of Judan is set to hold a significant vote regarding the status of the existing residents within the unclaimed territory of Birtawil. This decision will determine whether these residents will be offered the opportunity to join the Republic of Judan as citizens, thereby gaining the benefits of protection and security under the sovereignty of the new nation.

This move reflects the Republic’s commitment to inclusivity and the welfare of those residing within its proposed borders. By extending the offer of citizenship, the Republic of Judan aims to provide a sense of belonging and security to the inhabitants of Birtawil, who have long lived without the protection of a sovereign state.

The outcome of this vote will be a pivotal moment in the history of the Republic of Judan, potentially shaping its relationship with the local population and setting a precedent for its approach to governance and citizenship. The decision will also have implications for the Republic’s international standing, as it navigates the complexities of nation-building and diplomacy.

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Source :Republic of Judan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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