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Resaiki Interiors Designs Vibrant, Innovative Learning Spaces at D.Y. Patil School of Design, Pune

Resaiki transforms D.Y. Patil School of Design’s Pune campus with vibrant colors, materials, and textures for an engaging learning environment.

Pune, Maharashtra Jun 12, 2024 ( – Resaiki, a leading architectural and interior design practice, has reimagined the D.Y. Patil School of Design’s campus in Pune, demonstrating the power of colours, materials, and textures to create stimulating and engaging learning environments. 

The D.Y. Patil Group, known for its extensive network of educational institutions, envisioned a vibrant space for the School of Design (SOD) in Pune. The 16,000-square-foot ground floor has been transformed into an exclusive space for the design college, moving away from sterile white walls and cookie-cutter layouts to embrace a kaleidoscope of hues. 

Every detail of the design has been meticulously planned to ensure optimal space utilization. The ground floor features multiple classrooms, each accommodating 30 students, dedicated to various design streams, including multimedia, UX design, interior design, fashion design, and product design. 

The design concept at the D.Y. Patil School of Design goes beyond mere aesthetics. Each space tells a distinct story, from the fiery orange of the Fashion Lab that fuels creative combustion to the refreshing lime green of the CAD Lab that sparks digital innovation. These colors aren’t just backdrops but catalysts for expression, pushing the boundaries of design. 

Signage at the campus becomes an art form, with color-coded strips integrated into the walls guiding students and visitors, transforming mere directions into a playful design intervention. The ceilings add their share of flair through materials like repurposed PVC pipes and perforated mesh panels. 

Flexibility is another key feature of the design school, with moveable furniture and open layouts that morph to fit any design challenge, whether a collaborative brainstorm or an intimate critique. From the versatile auditorium to the welcoming reception area, every space fosters interaction and collaboration, breaking down barriers between disciplines and nurturing a vibrant design family. 

The D.Y. Patil School of Design is more than just a building; it’s a statement that design education should be bold, inspiring, and brimming with life through the power of color, innovation, and community. 


Typology: Educational Institution 
Name of Project: School of Design, Pune  
Location: Pune, Maharashtra 
Name of Client’s Firm: DR. D. Y. PATIL VIDYAPEETH, PUNE 
Principal Architect: Mrs.Kuntal Vyas Aggarwal 
Site Area: 16000 SF 
Built-Up Area:  18000 SF 

About the firm –  

Resaiki Interiors and Architecture Design Studio 

Resaiki is an architecture and interior design practice focused on creating spaces that augment the human experience by elevating one’s five senses. The firm excels in contemporary and luxury designs powered by new-age technologies and advanced design solutions. With an extensive portfolio of 100+ projects in 7+ cities, the practice is driven by psychology and aims to strike a balance between luxury and spirituality. 




Resaiki LinkedIn:  

Kuntal’s LinkedIn: 

Media Contact

Resaiki Interiors and Architecture Design Studio

[email protected]

Source :Resaiki Interiors and Architecture Design Studio

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