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Restricted Chinese Footwear Export Industry Struggles For National Brand

2008-07-17 09:00:00

    BEIJING, July 17 /Xinhua-EMWNews/ -- Last month, European footwear

manufacturers proposed extending anti-dumping measures against Chinese

footwear exports. Many signs indicated that the European Union is likely to

carry out the proposal, which will make restricted Chinese footwear ( ) exports continue. According to

the market statistics from, Zhujiang Delta, as one of the most

important footwear export area in China, exported 940,000,000 pairs of

footwear (slumped 25.7%) in the first 5 months this year, with only 2428

footwear exporters now, a decrease of 2331 from last year. However,

footwear export prices hiked 45% compared with last year; the export volume

reached 3,460,000,000 US dollars, increasing 8% from last year. So quantity

reduced, unit price and export volume grew, a complicated phenomenon worth



    In Zhujiang Delta, footwear manufacturing is one of the most

significant industries. This industry's change has been the main index for

other countries' studying China's industrial reform. At the beginning of

this year, in a research note, Asia Footwear Association in Zhujiang Delta

( ) found that among

Guangdong's 5,000-6,000 footwear enterprises, more than 1,000 closed down

in 2007, involving 150,000 to 200,000 staff. This news aroused media

interest at home and abroad. That thousands of footwear enterprises closed

down or moved inland suddenly became crucial evidence for Guangdong

industry's moving out.

    Now, just after a half year from "Thousands of Footwear Enterprises

Closure Matter," footwear export statistics let us see a different side of

Zhujiang Delta's footwear industry. Although half of footwear enterprises

withdrew from foreign markets, this industry's strength has not been

weakened. On the contrary, it is growing beyond expectation.

    Seemingly, footwear exporters are largely decreasing but their

enterprise scales are distinctly expanding; some of the big enterprises are

still developing very well. Last year, Zhujiang Delta had only two

enterprises with more than 100,000,000 US dollars of footwear exports. This

year increased fourfold with the same sales, which demonstrates Zhujiang

Delta footwear enterprises (

) have been more centralized towards large enterprises.

    Zhujiang Delta enterprises' expanding scales and improving technology

are the footwear industry's status quo as well as an effective way to

compete in the global market. Among the thousands of closed footwear

enterprises, many of them were small and middle scales and their total

producing strength was inferior to a leading company. The board chairman,

from Wenzhou Jinmao Shoes Co., Ltd ( ) (its

annual exports are over thousands of US dollars), said those withdrawing

enterprises exported low-price footwear and this was the main reason for

the footwear unit price rising., as the biggest global vertical B2B search engine, analyzed

that although Zhujiang Delta had massive footwear enterprises close down

and withdraw from foreign market, the footwear industry is not going down.

It is growing bigger and stronger in scale and quality.

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