Revolutionizing Illumination with Cutting-Edge LED Flood Lights and mobile Tower Lighting Solutions

Revolutionizing Illumination with Cutting-Edge LED Flood Lights and mobile Tower Lighting Solutions

Leading LED Industrial Lighting Manufacturer in China
JR Lighting Co., Ltd stands as the foremost manufacturer of LED industrial lighting in China, embodying a professional enterprise that seamlessly integrates research, design, production, sales, and service. With over a decade of experience, JR Lighting has become a key player in the industry, specializing in LED flood lights, stadium lights, and a diverse range of outdoor lighting solutions.

Comprehensive Lighting Solutions by JR Lighting Co., Ltd
Their comprehensive range includes LED flood lights, high bay lights, street lights, metal halide flood lights, metal halide lamps, and high-pressure sodium lamps. These innovative light fixtures are designed not only for traditional applications but also for emerging trends like outdoor solar lights, making JR Lighting a versatile choice.

Extensive Product Portfolio: LED Flood Lights, High Bay Lights, Street Lights, and More
Boasting an extensive product portfolio, JR Lighting caters to diverse needs. Whether it’s the brilliance of LED flood lights, the precision of stadium lights, or the efficiency of street lights, their offerings are designed to meet the demands of different environments.

Versatile Applications: Mobile Light Towers, Stadiums, Parking Lots, Roads, and Docks
JR Lighting’s products find versatile applications in mobile light towers, stadiums, parking lots, roads, docks, and beyond. The adaptability of their lighting solutions, including outdoor solar lights for park lighting, makes them the preferred choice across various industries.

Modernized Management for Standardized Operational Excellence
In pursuit of operational excellence, JR Lighting standardizes operational requirements through modernized management practices. This commitment ensures consistency and quality across their processes, from manufacturing LED flood lights to stadium lights.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Enhancing Product Quality and Energy Efficiency
Equipped with industry-leading production and testing equipment, JR Lighting employs unique production engineering and technology. This commitment enhances product quality, reduces customer maintenance costs, and significantly improves lighting energy efficiency, particularly in the realm of outdoor solar lights.

Innovative Design for Hazardous Environments: Anti-Vibration System and Certifications
In response to hazardous environments, JR Lighting employs innovative design features. Their lights, including LED flood lights and stadium lights, are equipped with an anti-vibration system, holding patent certification. These lights also boast high IP levels, anti-voltage fluctuation, anti-current distortion, and anti-corrosion surfaces, ensuring durability in tough conditions.

Global Recognition: CE, TUV, CSA, VDE, SAA, BIS, UL Certifications
JR Lighting’s independently designed lighting products, including light fixtures for outdoor solar lights, have earned certifications such as CE, TUV, CSA, VDE, SAA, BIS, UL, and more. These certifications underscore the company’s commitment to quality and safety, gaining recognition from customers across different application fields.

JR Brand Impact: Preferred Choice for Mobile Light Tower Manufacturers Worldwide
The JR brand has become synonymous with excellence, particularly among mobile light tower manufacturers and rental companies globally. Their independently designed lighting products, spanning LED flood lights, stadium lights, and outdoor solar lights, are well-received for their quality and reliability.

Global Reach: Expanding Presence through “the Belt and Road” Strategy
Aligned with China’s strategic vision of “the Belt and Road,” JR Lighting’s products have found widespread use and export to countries such as the United States, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Romania, Australia, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and beyond, illuminating the world with cutting-edge LED solutions.

Contact Information
Company name:JR lighting
Email: [email protected]
Address:Add: No.1288, ZhenNan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China


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