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Richmond Implements Ordia Solutions for Incident Response and Routine Police Operations

2008-07-15 11:26:00

First Major City Police Department in Northeast to Deploy

Next-Generation Tactical Command and Control System to Shorten Response

Time, Gain Geospatial Insights of Crime Trends, and Enhance Officer


RICHMOND, Va. & VIENNA, Va.–(EMWNews)–Ordia Solutions, the leading provider of tactical command and

control systems for first responders and their chain of command,

announces the successful deployment by the Richmond Police Department

(RPD) of Ordia Solutions next-generation

Mobile Tactical Collaboration System (MTCS)

and AdvanTraq GPS to enhance police

operations. The system will be used for a variety of functions from

critical incident response, major events security and critical

infrastructure protection, to routine patrol operations and weekly

briefings on crime trends throughout the city.

In addition to supplying the collaborative command and control software

and personnel GPS trackers, Ordia Solutions will provide the Department

with training, support, system customization, and additional services to

integrate MTCS with existing technologies including Intergraph®

CAD and AVL systems. Knowing the real-time

location of our officers in relation to an operation, incident site,

support elements, and each other is of immense benefit to the chain of

command and officer safety, said David M.

McCoy, Interim Chief, Richmond Police. The

Ordia Solutions technology has given the Department a force-multiplier

advantage during the planning and execution of a major incident response

or routine police operation.

Because the MTCS tactical command and control system is Web-based and

inherently interoperable, RPD is leading an effort to bring other local,

state, and federal law enforcement jurisdictions, as well as Fire and

EMS services in the Richmond area, to be part of a regional mutual aid

consortium using MTCS, for those public safety operations where a

regional, all-hazard, coordinated, and timely response is essential. The

Richmond Police Department has had a rich history of aggressively

exploiting innovative technologies and processes to enhance its

community policing mission, said Joe E.

Ordia, Chairman and CEO, Ordia Solutions. This

MTCS deployment demonstrates that RPD will continue to lead its peers

around the nation in delivering a safer city for its residents and


For more information, visit,

e-mail [email protected],

or call (888) 819-3038.

About Mobile Tactical Collaboration System

& AdvanTraq GPS

Ordia Solutions Mobile Tactical

Collaboration System is the only product on

the market that integrates tactical planning, real-time collaboration,

and blue force tracking into one easy-to-use, ready-out-of-the-box

solution. MTCS is designed to be used by first responders at the

furthest reaches up and down the chain of command using mobile

computers, handheld devices, and at the headquarters and operations

centers. MTCS facilitates the tactical management of complex operations

and allows senior leadership to share multiple operating pictures

between several agencies and jurisdictions. AdvanTraq

GPS gives supervisors the ability to know in real-time exactly where

forces are deployed in relation to the incident site, infrastructures,

support elements, and each other. MTCS is the total solution for

tactical planning, special events management, and multi-agency

information sharing.

About Ordia Solutions

Headquartered in Vienna, VA, Ordia Solutions is the leading provider of

mission-critical, tactical, interoperable, collaborative, and mobile

command & control solutions for public safety. Founded in 2005, the

companys mission is to develop, market, and

support next generation collaborative command and control technologies

that enable public safety leaders, first responders, and tactical

operators, to collaborate on day-to-day activities, to execute security

operations at special events, and to respond to environmental calamities

or terrorist attacks in a more timely, coordinated, safe, and effective


Ordia Solutions
Alfred P. Toussaint Jr., 703-752-6252
[email protected]

Communications for Ordia Solutions
Doug Larkin, 202-391-1546
[email protected]

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