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Rimon Law Group Introduces Virtual Law Firm of Americans in Israel


Rimon Law Group, Inc.

2008-07-17 16:14:00

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(EMWNews – July 17, 2008) – Rimon Law Group, Inc., a virtual law firm

that taps into the pool of highly skilled American attorneys living in

Israel, recently launched operations. The company was started by former

Ropes & Gray, LLP attorneys Michael Moradzadeh and Yaacov Silberman, and

offers high level legal services at significantly reduced prices by

bringing the benefits of the lower wage structure of the Israeli legal

industry to American clients.

Rimon flips the traditional firm model on its head by only offering

services of partner-level attorneys, so that clients no longer have to bear

the cost and risks of on the job training of junior associates. In fact,

the partner-level attorneys at Rimon cost about half as much as junior

associates right out of law school, so clients get more experience at half

the price.

In the rapidly expanding field of legal outsourcing, Rimon Law Group saw

possibilities to outsource to American expatriates instead of foreign

nationals. Its attorneys are native English speakers with a strong

understanding of American cultural, legal and business norms and nuances.

Because its attorneys negotiate deals, draft agreements, and advise their

clients in their native language, many hurdles present in traditional

outsourcing models are eliminated.

Rimon’s attorneys were educated at top universities and law schools in the

United States and practiced law in the United States for many years before

moving to Israel. As such, most of their practice continues to be focused

on American law and business trends in the United States. Rimon’s attorneys

handle nearly every type of personal and corporate transaction.

Michael Moradzadeh, the CEO and co-founder of Rimon Law Group, graduated

from UC Berkeley in 2001 and received his J.D. from Columbia University in

2005. Prior to starting Rimon Law Group, Moradzadeh practiced general

corporate law at Ropes & Gray, LLP in San Francisco. Yaacov Silberman, the

COO and co-founder of Rimon Law Group, graduated from Yeshiva University in

2002 and received his J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 2005.

Prior to joining Rimon Law Group, Silberman was an associate at Ropes &

Gray, LLP, specializing in debt finance transactions.

Rimon Law Group is headquartered in San Francisco.





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