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Roundbox Showcases Mobile Datacast Solution on MediaFLO System at CTIA Wireless 2008 Solution Powers Stocks, News, Weather, E-Commerce, Music, and Advertising Applications for Mobile Operators



2008-04-01 05:00:00

Roundbox Showcases Mobile Datacast Solution on MediaFLO System at CTIA Wireless 2008

Solution Powers Stocks, News, Weather, E-Commerce, Music, and Advertising Applications for Mobile Operators

LAS VEGAS, NV–( EMWNews – April 1, 2008) – Roundbox, Inc., the leader in mobile

broadcast software, today announced that it will demonstrate multiple

datacast applications at CTIA Wireless 2008. These applications, called

Active Wallpaper and Datacast Radio, are built on the Roundbox Mobile

Datacast Solution, a client/server platform for datacast application

creation, deployment, and management. These demonstrations leverage the

advanced capabilities of the MediaFLO™ System and illustrate how mobile

datacast services enrich the communications experience for mobile users

while creating new revenue streams for the mobile operator.

The Roundbox Mobile Datacast Solution is the only end-to-end solution on

the market today, providing full client and server functionality for

developing and deploying third-party datacast applications. By using

familiar programming interfaces, the solution enables application

developers to rapidly build new multimedia datacast applications that

incorporate live interactive TV, video clips, music, real-time news,

weather, sports, stocks and emergency alerts. When operators are ready to

deploy these applications, the Roundbox Mobile Datacast Solution provides

fine-grained application management and bandwidth optimization

capabilities, ensuring that applications receive the quality of service

they require.

“This datacast demonstration illustrates how the MediaFLO System provides

not just the best mobile television experience in the industry, but also

provides a powerful platform for deploying a variety of revenue-generating

applications,” said Mike Coad, vice president, product management and

partner relations, Qualcomm MediaFLO Technologies. “Operators who utilize

the power of mobile datacast services are well positioned to lead the


“Datacast is a powerful element that can extend the services of many

content and applications providers. This demonstration showcases how

content providers can use datacast technologies to deliver entirely new

rich media experiences to mobile operators and subscribers worldwide,” said

Vinod Valloppillil, vice president, product marketing at Roundbox.

“Unlocking this potential requires data delivery capabilities and economics

which are only provided by mobile broadcast technology.”

“Following several successful mobile TV deployments last year, operators

have begun to look towards datacast as a way to drive additional value from

their broadcast networks. While operators look to clear sufficient spectrum

for video, they may lead with datacast given its flexibility to support

unique services that appeal to key segments of their subscriber base,” said

Vikrant Gandhi, senior industry analyst, mobile communications at Frost &


“Ultimately, the revenue derived from datacast applications could be a

significant part of the mobile broadcast equation. Frost & Sullivan expects

mobile datacast revenues to contribute an additional $3 to $5 per month per

mobile broadcast subscriber by 2010.”

Active Wallpaper

Active Wallpaper is a variant of the classic “homepage” application,

providing users with real-time news, sports, and weather information on the

idle screen of their mobile device. Rather than polling for information

updates, it passively listens to the broadcast network for new information

allowing the application to scale to an infinite number of subscribers

without consuming additional bandwidth.

Datacast Radio

Datacast Radio takes streaming audio to the next level by associating album

art, song lyrics, liner notes, and other content with basic audio channels,

providing a much richer listening experience. It also includes a commerce

component, which enables operators to garner additional revenue by selling

ring tones, wallpaper, and full track downloads associated with each song.

The enhanced content offered increases the “stickiness” of the application,

generating more advertising revenue.

The Roundbox Active Wallpaper and Datacast Radio demonstrations are being

shown at CTIA Wireless 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 1-3 in the

Qualcomm booth, Central Hall #1948.

About Roundbox

Roundbox is the leading provider of mobile broadcast software solutions for

mobile operators and handset manufacturers. Their products enable mobile

operators to provide consumers innovative services that take advantage of

next generation broadcast networks. Roundbox’s product innovations help

operators provide consumers with services such as mobile TV, emergency

notification, radio, and data services delivered continuously and with

breakthrough economics. For more information, visit

Roundbox is a registered trademark in the United States. All other

trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Roundbox Contact:
Deb Disbrow
+1 973.210.8620
[email protected]

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