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Rudd Report Highlights AMDL, Inc.’s Latest Business Achievements; Supports 2008 Financial Guidance

2008-08-04 08:40:00

Rudd Report Highlights AMDL, Inc.’s Latest Business Achievements; Supports 2008 Financial Guidance

    TUSTIN, Calif., Aug. 4 /EMWNews/ -- (

AMDL, Inc. (Amex: ADL), a leading vertically integrated bio-pharmaceutical

company with major operations in China and the US, announced today that

industry analyst Lauren Rudd has posted a second quarter FY2008 corporate

update for AMDL, Inc. The full report is available and includes a 12 month target price of $23 and

Buy Recommendation.

    Highlighted within the report are details of AMDL's recent clearance to

market by the US FDA for its DR-70(R) blood test for monitoring colorectal

cancer, AMDL's FY2008 financial guidance and the Company's top strategic

objectives for 2008 and 2009:

    -- AMDL's market strategy and distribution plans for DR-70(R), include

securing SFDA approval to allow sales and distribution throughout China;

    -- The Company's marketing strategy for the MYHPV(R) human papilloma

virus Chip Kit;

    -- Business expansion details for Jade Pharmaceutical Inc. for FY2008

including growth via new distribution channels and JPGreen Clinics;

    -- AMDL's partnership strategy for the Combination Immunogene Therapy

(CIT) technology;

    -- AMDL's strategic plans for licensing North American drugs for

manufacture and sales in China and Asia; and,

    -- The Company's goals to secure SFDA approval for new products which

will enable AMDL to market and distribute those products throughout China.

    This newest Rudd Report also covers a Peer Group Comparison & Valuation

Analysis along with views and opinions on AMDL's financial performance for

FY2008. Opinions to note include the valuation for DR-70(R) which Mr. Rudd

expects to reach approximately $4 million in gross profits during the

second half of FY2008 with approximately $3 million in net profits and

$0.20 per share in FY2008; and, comments approximating AMDL's net earnings

to reach $15.2 million or about $1.01 per share.

    According to Mr. Rudd, "AMDL has inherent potential to dramatically

increase revenues and profitability in both the United States and China and

we believe the Company is one of the most under priced stocks that we've

seen in a long time."

    The report does not explicitly review AMDL's second quarter 2008

results and the purpose of the interim report is to highlight key business

successes that should have already impacted AMDL's share price. A follow-up

report will be published once AMDL announced Q2 2008 earnings.

    About AMDL: Headquartered in Tustin, CA along with its subsidiary Jade

Pharmaceutical Inc. (JPI) with operations in Shenzhen, Jiangxi, and Jilin,

China, AMDL, Inc., is a vertically integrated bio-pharmaceutical company

devoted to the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of

diagnostic, pharmaceutical, nutritional supplement, and cosmetic products.

The company employs approximately 320 people in the U.S. and China. The

Company has an additional 4 pharmaceutical and diagnostic products under

review by various regulatory authorities.

AMDL Contact: Kristine Szarkowitz Director-Investor Relations [email protected] (M) (206) 310-5323 (O) (206) 201-3286

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