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Saving New England Pets Emergency GoFundMe Help For Dogs & Cats

Saving New England Pets Emergency GoFundMe Help For Dogs & Cats

Johnston, RI September 26, 2021 – Announcing the launch of a GoFundMe to save pets. Hello Everyone, Brian has created and launched a GoFundMe and is looking for help from all of you to save pets (cats, dogs, birds, etc) in New England. He has rescued many pets from shelters or from neglectful homes. Like you, he is doing all he can and wishes he could save all of them. But these shelters in New England have not had proper funding for food, beds, medical needs, and many more things like this. He heard the “call to action” and has been very disturbed by the findings from the amount of money that the ASPCA receives each year and less than 40% go to pets and the rest for advertising and their pockets.

This really touched Brian so rather than do nothing he is turning to GoFundMe and people like you! Everyone can help in some small way, maybe you cannot donate financial support, but you can support this campaign with a like and/or a share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platforms and spread this campaign to help raise awareness and financial support for these animals.

Brian has pledged that 95% of all money raised from this GoFundMe campaign will go to the pets directly! The other 5% will need to go to the fees from Go Fund Me and delivery services for supplies. Brian is doing his part to help, what can you do?

The GoFundMe is raising funds to support the following:

• Food for the animals, cats, dogs, birds, etc
• Beds for the animals, cats, dogs, birds, etc
• Toys for the animals, cats, dogs, birds, etc
• Litter/litter boxes for the animals, cats, dogs, birds, etc
• Any medical meds to save them from euthanasia (We can ALL prevent this and none of us want these animals to be euthanized)

Long-term goal – Brian would LOVE to build an official nonprofit or 501(c)(3) for this exact cause & purpose! The costs for this to set up is fairly steep and then build a website for this to promote awareness, events for adoptions, low-income help for medical needs for the family pets. Some families cannot afford to supply the help their pets need for a lot of reasons. This is an extremely hard decision for the families and if they have kids then even harder on them.

Thank you all for reading this, sharing, liking and if you can make a financial contribution Brian feels that together we really can make a difference and set a higher standard for nonprofits that treat pets as an income source!

Please support this fundraising campaign and the animals today at https://gofund.me/240d808e

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