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Selectica’s Sales Configuration Modeling Development Environment (MDE) Helps Bring Products to Market Faster With Automated Configuration Modeling

2008-07-15 07:30:00

MDE Simplifies Complex Product Configuration by Automatically

Tracking and Validating Supply Chain and Design Changes

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(EMWNews)–Selectica (NASDAQ:SLTC), a leading provider of sales and product

configuration and enterprise contract lifecycle management solutions,

has released a new Modeling Development Environment (MDE) as a

value-added enabler for the Selectica

Configurator 9.2 sales configuration engine. MDE is Selecticas

next-generation automated configuration modeling environment based on

the Selectica Knowledgebase Development Environment (KDE), and was

developed to automate the tedious and error-ridden process of manually

modeling product configurations. Selectica customers report that

automated configuration modeling using the MDE infrastructure shortens

time to model new products or implement part or supply-chain changes,

and uplevels the modeling structure to give product managers more


MDE is designed as an automated modeling system that enables

auto-generation of product models without human intervention. MDE allows

product managers to consolidate modeling data from multiple sources,

such as Web forms, bills of material (BOMs), Excel spreadsheets, and

databases, and create an automated process to generate product models.

The result is a touch-less

product modeling process that can automatically track and validate part

and design changes, allowing managers to update the sales configuration

system as often as needed without having to manually build individual

product models.

By abstracting product details using MDE, product managers can save

hundreds of hours normally required for manual product modeling. MDE

includes built-in validation checks to guarantee the integrity of design

and supply-chain rules such as power requirements, dimensional

specifications, memory requirements, and other dependencies. As a

result, Selectica customers can completely automate their product

knowledge base, shortening time for new product introductions and change

management from months to days.

Implementing MDE also means that product managers can continue to use

the tools they are familiar with, such as spreadsheets and web forms, to

enter product and supply chain changes. MDE automatically models those

changes based on whatever sources it is programmed to track. The system

also ensures that any changes always reflect a perfectly buildable

order, which eliminates margin erosion from returned orders,

non-buildable products and assemblies, and associated shipping overhead.

Selectica executives expect customers to realize an ROI on automated

configuration modeling in a matter of months.

Over time, products have become increasingly

complex, with countless combinations that have to be enforced by

interdependent engineering, manufacturing, and marketing rules,

said Pravil Gupta, Selecticas CTO. And

to stay competitive, manufacturers are changing business rules more

frequently. With MDE, we give product managers greater control over

their products letting them convert complex data and business rules into

a user-friendly application that lets them make changes as often as they

need to, without the tedium of manually building product models.

The MDE user interface supports the Selectica Configurator, which uses a

declarative constraint engine to provide a fast, efficient, and compact

method of describing the most complex business processes. Where

rules-based sales configuration engines must apply a linear process,

which makes it difficult to accommodate changes in configurations, a

declarative constraint engine allows users to model business logic

directly. In this way, users can set parameters once and be assured that

the business rules remain in force. The Selectica Configurator is

ideally suited for configuring the most complex products and services.

For example, a current customer uses the system to manage nearly 7

trillion product combinations without error.

For more information about the Selectica Configurator and the Modeling

Development Environment, visit Selecticas

web site at

About Selectica, Inc.

Selectica (NasdaqGM:SLTC

News) provides its

customers with software solutions that automate the complexities of

sales configuration and enterprise contract management lifecycles. The

company’s high-performance solutions underlie and unify critical

business functions including sourcing, procurement, governance, sales

and revenue recognition. Selectica has been providing innovative,

enterprise-class solutions for the world’s largest companies for over 10

years and has generated substantial savings for its customers. Selectica

customers represent leaders in manufacturing, technology, retail,

healthcare and telecommunications, including: ABB, Ace Hardware, Bell

Canada, Cisco, Covad Communications, General Electric, Hitachi, Juniper

Networks, Levi Strauss & Co., Rockwell Automation, Tellabs, and

7-Eleven. Selectica is headquartered in San Jose, CA. For more

information, visit the company’s Web site at

Scott Wilson, 415-785-7945 (investors)

Woolf, 415-259-5638 (media)

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