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Shanben,a professional manufacturer of membrane switch and graphic layer,supplies global customers with reliable tailored HMI solultions


Shanghai Shanben Industrial E. & I. Co.,Ltd is a Hi–tech corporation in Shanghai. Established in 2000, Shanben is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, sales and service of membrane switch. Our customers are focused on equipment control, healthcare, communications and intelligent home appliance industry. We take technology and quality as our core competitiveness, make service advantage in humanistic culture. Our few years O E M experience for Japanese membrane switch manufacturer lead our quality to meet the needs for Japanese high-end customers and European customers.Our mission is fulfil workmates,move customers.Shanben make the products by heart.


In 2000, Jimmy Lin, the founder of Shanghai Shanben, has concluded from his own work experience and market research that high-end membrane switches will play an important role in the industry applications in the 21st century. So this young man from Yueqing (a district of Wenzhou City), the capital of electrical appliances in China, started his business in Shanghai, the most developed industrial area in China, and Shanben came into being.


First-class Supplier

Shanben is a first-class supplier of membrane switch, panel and die-cutting products.

Advanced Concept and Consistency

Since establishment, Shanben has always adhered to the concept of “stable quality like a mountain, quick response like a galloping horse”, and the following three development principles: 1) Develop products according to the quality standards of European and American high-end markets, 2) Use China’s production to gain cost advantage, 3) Provide flexible customization services. Years of unremitting efforts have made Shanben the first-class supplier of the membrane switch industry.

Excellent Quality Ensured by High-end Equipment and Advanced Management

Shanben is committed to serve the world with high quality “Made in China”. The company has been persisting in investing a lot of advanced technology and relevant equipment in production since establishment, including product waterproof (IP69), high and low temperature resistance (- 40 ℃ – 120 ℃), high life (1-5 million times), color control (△ E≤ 1.0), UV resistance, scratch resistance, LED packaging, and large area printing. Meanwhile, the company takes the lead in realizing ROHS standard in the industry and establishes the control system of toxic and harmful substance. The company selects excellent raw materials for production in the fully enclosed dust-proof workshop, and adopts many automatic producing and testing equipment, such as semi-automatic printing machine, CCD punch, pneumatic punch, laser cutting machine, hot embossing machine, laminating machine, automatic electrical testing machine, life tester, Konica CM2600D color difference meter. Strict quality control process permeates the whole process from the beginning of feeding to the completion of final products.

Outperformance Demonstrated by Excellent Reference

For many years, Shanben has been committed to the design and production of membrane switch, membrane panel, die-cutting products for communication, textile machinery, industrial control system, medical equipment, high-end home appliances and other industries. We produced large-scale membrane switches for Shanghai Baosteel, which has filled in the blank of the industry; manufactured products with high color difference requirements for Ericsson, for whom Shanben is the only supplier with the problem solution; and provided supporting production for leading enterprises across the world. Shanben’s outstanding performance has been widely praised in the US, Sweden, France, the UK, Germany,Japan,Russia,Italy, Poland, South Korea, Spain,Sweden,Australia,Czech Republic,Denmark,Iran,Norway,Romania,New Zealand and Portugal, as well as the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta in China. Our customers include famous western enterprises such as Ericsson, GE, Tyco, Nokia and well-known Taiwan enterprises such as Foxconn and Delta.


Twenty years has seen Shanben through many wonderful achievements, for which we have made continuous endeavors.

Looking forward to the future, we will always maintain a practical and stable style, drive the improvement of the overall style of the enterprise thru concrete practice and innovation, build a bridge to customers with integrity, and establish a good corporate image in the cooperation with customers. Shanghai Shanben is committed to introducing internationally advanced, characteristic and high-tech products and jointly promoting the development of the industry!


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