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Shelter Structures’ Fabric Structures: The Ideal Solution for Storing Road Salt

Storing road salt effectively is crucial for countries experiencing snowy winters. Shelter Structures offers a comprehensive solution for storing road salt in fabric structures, providing a blend of durability, space efficiency, and environmental resistance. Let’s explore the top five advantages of using Shelter Structures’ fabric structures for this purpose.

Traditional steel and concrete structures are susceptible to rust and corrosion, especially when storing corrosive materials like road salt. Shelter Structures’ fabric buildings, however, utilize anodized aluminum alloy frames, highly resistant to rust and corrosion. The fabric covers are coated with PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride), providing exceptional chemical resistance and ensuring a dry, protected environment for the salt.

Road salt requires ample storage space. Shelter Structures’ fabric buildings are designed with clearspan architecture, meaning no internal columns to obstruct space. This design maximizes horizontal space and, in specific structures like the TFS series, offers considerable vertical clearance. The angles of these structures are also optimized for more vertical storage, accommodating large quantities of road salt efficiently.

To meet the high capacity demands of municipal road salt facilities, Shelter Structures’buildings offer significant vertical storage space, with eave heights reaching up to 8 meters. This design allows for the storage of larger quantities of salt within the same footprint, addressing the need for accommodating annual consumption rates without the need for mid-season reloading.

In contrast to traditional buildings, Shelter Structures’ fabric structures are more cost-effective, requiring less material and labor. Their lightweight design allows for rapid installation and disassembly, reducing labor and time costs significantly. Despite their cost efficiency, these structures are designed to withstand high snow and wind loads and can be equipped with various amenities like effective ventilation systems and industrial lighting, catering to both temporary and permanent storage needs.

The clearspan design of Shelter Structures’ fabric buildings ensures a safe working environment, free from internal obstructions. The structures can be equipped with various safety-enhancing amenities like lighting and ventilation systems, ensuring operational safety during both day and night. The versatility of the aluminum profiles used in these structures adds to the safety and stability of the storage environment.

In summary, Shelter Structures offers an innovative, efficient, and safe solution for storing road salt. Their fabric structures stand out for their anti-corrosion properties, space optimization, structural design for high capacity, cost efficiency, and safety features.

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