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Shonda Million House Fire Recovery GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

This campaign is happening in order to help store, clean, and recover/replace lost and damaged items/appliances. We would like to stress the importance of renter’s insurance, as a public service announcement. Without it, you will be left scrambling to find funding to recover from a disaster.

My story can be found here:

On Sept. 20, 2018, my sister Shonda Million (pictured in tan) heard a loud noise in her house and minutes later realized her house was on fire, after the pop of the appliance. Unfortunately, she wrongly believed she had renter’s insurance after her water pipes busted back in January.  FORTUNATELY, she caught it in time and it didn’t destroy the whole house.

Shonda is in need of temporary shelter for herself; and luckily the animals have temporary homes already. Many of her appliances and belongings are also lost. She needs funding for the following:

1. Hotel – $100+ per night, until contractors have completed their work. Estimated total of 20-30 days
2. Dry cleaning – $400
3. Furniture Replacement – $2,500
4. Washer/dryer – $2,500
5. Cleaning supplies – $100
6. Food, as she lost it all and must regularly buy new, hotel fridge sized items – $300
7. Storage unit – $200 – $350, depending on how fast it can be emptied.
8. Miscellaneous expenses such as gas, oil of running back and forth, and also feeding and hydrating unpaid helpers – $200

Shonda is an amazing person and volleyball coach, recently hired by the school after 3 years of volunteer work with them, and also volunteers for the local R.I.O. charity bingo hall. She has done Special Olympic torch runs and served as a healthcare worker for the elderly for many years of her life.

Shonda has helped us sisters and the community out so many times and in so many ways in our lives, and we created this page in the hopes that we can help her, in return!! Thank you all for any assistance you can provide! God bless.


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