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Silverpop’s Vtrenz Solution Adds Dashboard Reports

2008-07-15 07:03:00

Easy-to Access Measurement Tools Provide Insight into Marketing


ATLANTA–(EMWNews)–A recent study by management consulting firm McKinsey & Co. indicates

measuring marketing effectiveness is a top concern among marketers and

their bosses. Measurement tools that provide insight into marketing

activities and help defend spending are now sought-after.

“Marketing impacts every aspect of a company’s success,” said Bill

Nussey, CEO of Silverpop, an email service provider delivering an array

of on-demand, Web-based marketing solutions. “At the end of the day,

marketers need to know their marketing dollars have been well spent and

the results are in-line with plans and goals.”

With the launch of new dashboard reporting in Silverpop’s Vtrenz

solution, clients using the company’s BtoB lead management platform will

be able to receive insightful marketing information on demand. Vtrenz’

dashboard reports are graphic summarizations of various, key marketing

metrics. The easily accessible data they offer can help build

credibility for marketing initiatives from c-level executives and

strengthen marketers’ abilities to keep successful programs fully funded.

Silverpop’s lead management solution automatically delivers a wide array

of critical reports that are refreshed daily, detailing everything from

Web site visits to lead inquiries, marketing and sales qualified leads,

top-performing lead sources, and ROI by campaign, vendor or medium and

much more. The solution compiles vast quantities of information into

graphical formats, making it easy to access and understand. Furthermore,

the solution stores historical data, allowing marketers to perform

multi-year comparisons.

“Vtrenz has revolutionized our marketing programs by allowing us to more

effectively run lead generation and lead nurture campaigns,” said

Brendan Ziolo, vice president of marketing for Sipera Systems, Inc. “Now

with the marketing dashboard, I can see all my marketing activities

based on week, month or quarter. This greatly speeds up my time spent on


Marketers can schedule exports of reports to key stakeholders. The

ability to circulate visually compelling marketing statistics to company

executives helps underscore the revenue impact marketing programs have

on the bottom line. In fact, Forrester Research found that three out of

four marketers say the ability to track marketing ROI gives them more

respect in their organizations.

“In a very real sense, the Vtrenz dashboard feature is an empowerment

tool,” said Bryan Brown, director of product management and development

for Silverpop’s Vtrenz solution. Marketing

metrics are the key to successful programming. With little effort

marketers can now track what is and isnt

working at every stage of their marketing campaigns and make adjustments

accordingly. And they can easily show the value they bring to the


Scott Cohen, director of marketing for Prime Point Media, agreed that

Vtrenz’ new dashboard functionality is a great enhancement to the

platform. “It provides valuable insight into our email and Internet

marketing performance in an easy-to-read format, and the scheduling

feature ensures that the data is automatically delivered to me when I

need it,” he noted.

The dashboard is a standard feature of Silverpop’s Vtrenz solution. For

more information about dashboard reporting, or to download the white

paper “Show How Marketing Makes Money: A 5-Step Plan for Proving ROI,”


About Vtrenz, Inc.

Vtrenz, a Silverpop solution, is the leading on-demand lead

management/marketing automation solution for BtoB marketers, and

empowers organizations of all sizes to generate demand for their

products and services, close more sales and measure the impact of their

marketing activities. For additional information about Vtrenz, go to

Wyatt Jefferies, 770-763-3049

Communications Associate
[email protected]

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