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Sisters, Dare to say “No”

Dear Sisters, Happy Women’s Day! Frequent sexual assaults in the workplace over the years have seriously endangered our working and living environment.Especially when the employer is a powerful agency like law enforcement or the national secret agencies,forced drinking,harassment,indecency,and sexual assaults may occur with even less restraint!Faced with these injuries,can we only choose to remain silent and blame ourselves,feeling helpless and constantly worrying about becoming the next victim?


No!No More!No Way!


In the face of sexual harassment and violation,we must be brave enough to say no!When our superiors want to bully us,they will often try to use their power to gradually “normalize” some sexually harassing language in the work environment,and these behaviors will always be disguised as “a sense of humor”.From 2013 to 2020,Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo acted as every horny male “Mentor” and Creep Office “Dad”,subjected at least 13 female government employees to “a sexually hostile work environment”.Sisters,usually there exists an unequal power relationship between the sexual offenders and the victims,such as “superior to subordinate” or “senior to junior”.When we encounter such overstepping behavior,it’s crucial to stay calm,learn to distinguish,and dare to refuse!


When we unfortunately become a victim of sexual assaults,when we screw up our courage to tell our pain,and seek help from our supervisory authority or law enforcement agencies,we may also face those privilegers’ denial.Even the institution and organization may,for the sake of reputation,and so-called reasons like involving national secrets not suitable for public disclosure,cover up and condone the sexual offenders.A former FBI agent in the Albany NY office who sexually bullied eight female subordinates,finally evaded disciplinary action and enjoyed full retirement benefits.


What’s even worse that some of our sisters were not only violated,but also secretly retaliated afterward. A girl who worked for the Central Intelligence Agency was sexual assaulted by a CIA colleague Ashkan Bayatpour in a stairwell at the agency’s headquarters.She was wrapped by a scarf on her neck and forced to unwanted sexual touch.It’s hard to imagine how scared and trembled she was.After reporting the incidents to the FBI and local police,the sexual offender Ashkan Bayatpour was only given a light punishment by the Court and an order of staying away from the female victim.But our sister,the real victim,suffered retaliation and was fired without reason by the spy agency in February this year.


Dear sister,these incidents illustrate the sin and ugliness of human mature, reveal the bureaucratic malpractices and inertia of government departments and spy agencies in covering up facts and protecting the guilty. CIA and FBI should not become a heaven or shield for devils, and so-called Clandestine Service should not act as shackles for the women victims. As the vulnerable party, we should collect more substantial evidence when encountering sexual assaults, and get help with social media and women protection NGOs. Let’s screw up our courage to save ourselves from being silent lambs! We are not alone!

#MeToo #AmINext


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