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Splash Tents Inc.’s Printed Outdoor Tents at Trade Shows Drives Attention Towards Big Brands

Splash Tents, Inc., based in Dallas, Texas, is a leading supplier of custom event tents and tradeshow displays.

Houston, Texas Jun 5, 2024 ( – Businesses of scale and size require attention from new customers to grow. In this digital age, websites and online marketing approaches have become the main focus but the need for physical presence is crucial to welcome more interested customers and sometimes even investors. Considering the need, Splash Tents offers a huge range of products that includes printed tents, flags, and other displayable options that garner attention from all. It gets especially important for the trade and economic fairs where every organization needs to create a welcoming presence while embracing its brand and business. Splash Tents Inc. specializes in high-quality, custom tents and pop-up canopies which can help to showcase different products and services while piquing interest among all.

The custom shade solutions offered by the company are also great promotions and can help to stand out even in a crowded place. Splash Tents can help to create a lasting impression that helps improve brand awareness in an effective offline method. The company provides tents and canopies in a variety of sizes and options to cater to the unique needs of all kinds of businesses. Starting from small-scale startups, and enterprises to big-scale moguls; everyone can find a suitable choice here. The price of digitally customized tents starts from $495 only and can help to create an impactful presence in a small space. It also includes eye-catching banners, portable teardrop flags, and other props that help to catch the eyes of potential and niche customers from the industry.

Splash Tents offers a huge product range that includes Corporate Tents, Tradeshow Displays, Table Covers & Chairs, Signage as well as Flags and Retractors. All the products are highly efficient when it comes to grabbing attention as they do not blend in but make sure to stand out with an attractive presence. The creative specialists in the company make sure to provide a customized brand approach that is both, interactive and fruitful. This revered company was established in 2009 with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. With more than a decade of experience and in-depth knowledge in the field, this company has successfully empowered more than 3,000 businesses nationwide. To help businesses grow by elevating their brand presence through their products, Splash Tents is ready to cater to every industry.

Providing services and products all over the United States, this company can help to catch the crowd for every industry and even for sports, education, and non-profit sectors. Starting from Media companies, Universities, Schools, Fraternities, Restaurants and Bars, to Sports, Professional Teams, Consumer Packaged Goods, Wine and Beer Companies, Banking, Telecommunication, Pet Stores, Marketing & Advertising Agencies; Splash Tents can become a reliable partner to everyone. It caters to the special needs of every industry and makes sure to provide maximum exposure through niche Tradeshows and other Events. Whether it is an emerging business with a small kiosk or a bigger company with dynamic needs; Splash Tents is ready to serve its clients with high-quality printed products. The company does not offer any non-printed products as they specialize in printed tents, canopies, and flags which are specially built for every client. They offer portable trade show kits along with flag banners, sail sign flags, as well as custom printed table, covers that can be easily set up in any indoor or outdoor place.

Working in the industry for more than 15 years, Splash Tents has a loyal and constantly increasing client base as the company can help others to grow. Splash Tents, Inc. has helped over 3,000 brands grow with organic exposure and an improved presence in the market. With years of effectiveness, reliability, and professionalism; the company has managed to partner with some of the most successful brands and industry moguls such as FOX Sports, Nissan, Audi, Kumho Tires, LA LAKERS, New York Boulders, Follow Your Heart, Toyota, Majestic Athletic, Baylor Scott and White, Capelli Sport, Shake Shack, Uber, IKEA, United Way, Pepsi, Diageo, Air Orlando, etc. to name some. Being one of the most trusted companies in the field, the company has earned more than 300 5-star reviews along with exceptional customer service.

Clients like Fahrenheit Creative Group and many others have claimed that Splash Tents is a paragon of excellence, and it has empowered their businesses exponentially. With its high-quality products great designs and custom printing options, the company is currently at the top of its league. Clients have also praised the company’s commitment to its services which are fast, reliable, and highly efficient. With a dedicated workforce and a reasonable pricing system, this company can become a reliable partner for the offline marketing needs of a company or even an individual. The catchy design and high-quality products are the greatest examples of Splash Tents’ creative vision that works for every business.

The company thrives to go beyond and above the expectations of its clients by offering the best products and designs as well. Splash Tents’ one of the best-selling products include the Premium Splash 10×10 Pop-Up Tent which comes in 3 sizes: 10×10, 10×15 and a 10×20 and is ideal for signage be it at a trade show, outdoor event, fund raising events, golf tournaments or a simple BBQ gathering.

Offering a meticulous approach to their products, the printed tents come with a 3 to 7-year warranty while the regular prints last less than a year. Therefore, all of the products are highly durable and come with longer longevity which also makes it cost-effective and for everyone. Buying the kits only once ensures 5+ years of trade fair experiences and events. It provides excellent custom-tailored designs which can help to improve foot traffic that gradually increases the sales.

Splash Tents is making a difference in the industry by allowing more opportunities for businesses to grow and gain more exposure. The highly durable products are also comprised of crisp and vibrant graphics which makes them visible from afar away. Even running through a blade on the printed tents will not scrape off the print. Splash Tents is offering a fruitful medium of offline marketing which is effective for catering to more customers. Visit the website to find out more.

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