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Stonewall Democrats Report 27% Increase in Gay & Lesbian Convention Participants

2008-08-05 13:34:00

Stonewall Democrats Report 27% Increase in Gay & Lesbian Convention Participants

    WASHINGTON, Aug. 5 /EMWNews/ -- Today, National Stonewall

Democrats announced that a record number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and

transgender (LGBT) delegates -- more than 350 -- will attend the Democratic

National Convention in Denver, Colorado. This represents approximately 6%

of total convention attendees and is 27% increase from the 282 LGBT

participants in 2004.

    "The Democratic Party is being positively shaped by lesbian, gay,

bisexual and transgender advocates who believe in Democratic principles of

fair play, hard work, security at home and equal opportunity for all," said

Jon Hoadley, Executive Director. "The Democratic National Convention is an

avenue for our community to participate in civic life and advance the

values that the majority of Americans share."

    The unofficial count is based on numbers reported by state Democratic

parties to the Secretary's office of the Democratic National Committee. 324

LGBT participants were reported by state parties to the Secretary's office.

Additionally, Stonewall Democrats was able to identify for the Secretary's

office 34 more openly-LGBT participants than were first reported. As the

convention nears, it is expected that more LGBT delegates will

self-identify as openly-LGBT.

    Among the currently reported 358 LGBT Participants in Denver:

    Christopher Pappas (New Hampshire-Clinton) who became the first

delegate elected in 2008.

    Jason Rae (Wisconsin-Obama) who -- at 21 -- is the youngest "super

delegate" in the nation.

    Javier Morillo-Alicea (Minnesota-Obama) who is President of the Service

Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 26 in the Twin Cities.

    Amanda Simpson (Arizona-Clinton) of Tucson. Openly-transgender, Simpson

is a consultant and test pilot for a major aerospace company.

    Stonewall Democrats had initially hoped to achieve a base goal of 321

LGBT convention participants (a 14% increase from 2004) and has so far

secured a 27% total increase of LGBT delegates and convention participants.

    The Democratic National Convention will be held August 25 through

August 28 in Denver, Colorado. It immediately follows the Stonewall

Democrats National Convention, also held in Denver on August 21 - 24.

    National Stonewall Democrats is the national voice of lesbian, gay,

bisexual, transgender and allied Democrats, with more than 90 local

chapters across the nation. Stonewall Democrats works to elect more

pro-equality Democrats -- regardless of their sexual orientation or gender

identity -- and to improve the Democratic Party on issues important to LGBT


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