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Strippers and Hustlers Ball to Celebrate Labor Day by Handing Thousands of $10 Bills to Union Workers


The Strippers and Hustlers Ball

2008-08-13 12:19:00

Strippers and Hustlers Ball to Celebrate Labor Day by Handing Thousands of $10 Bills to Union Workers

Las Vegas Extravaganza Takes Over Orleans Arena, Labor Day Weekend; Richard Vission, Gilby Clarke, Genitorturers Headline; Heather Chadwell Hosts Stripper Contest

LAS VEGAS, NV–(EMWNews – August 13, 2008) – Perry Mann has announced that to honor Labor

Day, he will hand a $10 bill to any union or government employee attending

his upcoming shindig — the Strippers and Hustlers Ball, at the Orleans

Arena over — you guessed it — Labor Day weekend. Mann has already begun

to stockpile $10 bills.

“Perry has always been charitable,” says Ball producer Howard Mauskopf.

“Twenty-nine years ago, his friend Louis was running for President under

the Nudist Party with the slogan ‘I have nothing to hide.’ Perry threw a

fundraising party which he called The Exotic Erotic Ball. Now, the Exotic

Erotic Ball fills an arena in San Francisco with 20,000 people every

Halloween — all the result of a single charitable deed.” The Exotic

Erotic Ball is often termed the wildest and sexiest event ever, and Mann

has garnered over 50 awards and multiple mayoral proclamations.

The Strippers and Hustlers Ball is Mann’s first foray into Vegas. “We’ve

had many offers to do Vegas, but the Orleans Arena over Labor Day weekend

was ideal. We don’t do anything halfway, though, so I am pulling out the

stops for this one!”

A week ago, Mann noticed how the concept of Labor Day was lost. The holiday

that once celebrated hard working Americans, was now merely an earmark for

the end of summer. So he came up with the idea to give $10 bills to all

union workers attending the show.

“I’m doing this for two reasons,” said Mann. “First, I want to honor the

people who represent the backbone of the American work-force. Second, I

want to publicize the fact that Labor Day weekend was originally intended

to honor them, too.”

The $10 bills are circulated upon entry, with ID. Those eligible include

casino workers (employee ID), local night club and bar workers (TAM/Health

cards), police and firemen (badge or ID), military personnel (ID), and all

union members (valid membership cards). Accountants, proctologists, and

investment bankers — sorry, not eligible.

The Strippers & Hustlers Ball features Richard Vission, Mobius8, Scooter

and Lavelle, Drummer KC, Gilby Clarke, Guns N’ Roses, The Genitorturers,

D’Amato, Girls Girls Girls and a stripper competition both nights. The show

also boasts top burlesque artists, the planet’s most downloaded supermodel,

the largest ever girl-on-girl pillow fight, and Heather Chadwell —

America’s #1 reality TV personality, also an ex-stripper who will host the


The website is Tickets and hotel/ticket

packages are available online.

For more info, please contact:
Brian Gross
BSG Public Relations
(818) 340-4422

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