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Summer Driving Season in Full Swing, Safety Behind Wheel More Important Than Ever

2008-07-17 14:35:00

 Revolutionary Drivewear(R) Lens Technology Helps Drivers See Better Behind


    TORRANCE, Calif., July 17 /EMWNews/ -- The summer driving season is

in full swing, and even with the economic downturn, tens of millions of

Americans will hit the highways this year in search of rest and relaxation.

Safety behind the wheel will surely be one of the first things on drivers'

minds during the peak driving summer driving season of July and August.

    This summer, drivers can see that highway better thanks to Drivewear

Activated by Transitions(R) (, a revolutionary

technology developed by Younger Optics. Drivewear lenses change colors even

behind the windshield of a car, deliver the optimum amount of light and

information to the eye in daylight conditions, and block 100 percent of UV

A and UV B rays.

    Drivewear is the ultimate technology when it comes to allowing

consumers to see better, changing to meet varying light conditions -- from

overcast to daylight to bright light -- both in direct light and from

behind the windshield of a car. It also features the technology of

NuPolar(R) to eliminate glare through polarization.

    The technology, beginning with a high-contrast yellow-green tint in its

"resting" state, allows the lens to change color to best fit the light

conditions; high contrast yellow-green in overcast conditions, copper for

bright driving conditions, and dark reddish-brown in bright outdoor light.

    Drivewear is available at eye care professionals throughout the United

States, as both prescription and non-prescription sun lenses. For more

information, visit

    Drivewear(R), a revolutionary technology developed by Younger Optics,

was introduced in 2007. The lens, which elevates the driving experience by

intelligently balancing the amount of light and information to reach the

eye, is available from your eye care provider in both prescription and

non-prescription applications. Capable of sensing and reacting to varying

light conditions both outside and behind the windshield of the car,

Drivewear lenses provide glare protection through polarization and enhanced

vision through photochromics, which responds to visible and UV light.

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