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Michelle McLachlan is a loving wife, mother to 3 wonderful boys, and a student nurse devoted to making a difference. In 2010 she underwent a Hysterectomy, but for years following the surgery Michelle continued to have uncomfortable symptoms and after numerous GP and hospital visits and repeated requests for a Pap Smear, Michelle struggled to find a health professional who would take her seriously.

Her symptoms were brushed off as normal until 2017 when Michelle found a female GP willing to investigate further. Following a Pap Smear Michelle was diagnosed with vaginal cancer, commenced on radiation therapy and non-PBS chemotherapy medication costing $2000 per month. An ultrasound done around the same time also revealed that part of Michelle’s cervix, a fallopian tube and one ovary had been left behind after her hysterectomy, and she would need more surgery to remove those along with the cancer.

Despite her diagnosis Michelle continued to study and work part time to support her family and cover the cost of her medications, until June this year when the strain of illness and frequent hospital visits forced her to leave her job. Since the loss of her income and with little to no help from her health fund, Michelle and her family have been unable to afford groceries and other necessities following a recent $1000 per month increase in the price of her chemo medications, and with Christmas fast approaching Michelle worries what else they will have to go without in order to make ends meet.

Michelle continues to study despite her ongoing struggle and will one day graduate as a Registered Nurse driven to help those in similar situations. She is nothing short of inspirational! Please give what you can and spread the word. Let’s help this wonderful strong woman get back on her feet! All donations will help Michelle and her family cover the cost of her medications and treatments, as well as everyday needs including the cost of bills and food for her family.

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