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Aim to help Vietnamese political workers who is tortured and imprison by Vietnam authorities

Hello everyone!My name is Summer Chi Hoang, i am a 23 year old Vietnamese living in the UK. My goal is to establish a non profit organisation where all the political workers in the UK and political Vietnamese prisoners can seek for help.

I have formed Vietnam Liberal Party to protect personal liberty of people of Vietnam and the party will announce its manifesto very soon. I will be starting a political campaign when i am of age. But for now i will be campaigning online to help as many supporters as possible. This means, making my own website, videos online for Facebook, YouTube, advertising and others. I am in need of equipment such as HD camera, microphone, money for making a website and advertising.

With your help, i will be able to help so many people out there who sacrificed themselves for their people’s rights and people who is afraid of going back to vietnam because of their political opinions. Your donation will be a big help for us. I am open for advice and feedback. Thank you everyone in advance!

For more info: http://