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Vietnam Vet Harry S. Curtiss Needs Emergency Roof Repair GoFundME Viral Exposure Campaign

This my Uncle Harry S. Curtiss. He is a formal Vietnam vet that needs America’s help back!  Uncle Harry is widowed and has been working all his life to support a daughter that is mentally disabled and also has 3 dog’s that he has to look after. Uncle Harry is 71 year’s old and to me I think and know that ...

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Herbert Gouge Funeral Fund GoFundME Viral Exposure Campaign

Attempting to raise money for my father in laws funeral as he passed on 8/16/18 with no life insurance. My father in law took a turn for the worst, and regretfully there was no life insurance carried on him. We, regretfully, do not have the funds in order to give him a proper funeral, and are having to seek him ...

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Navy Veteran Need Help! GoFundME Viral Exposure

I am a US Navy Veteran. I am detailing my mother’s condition because until recently she was in  a nursing home in San Antonio, and this weekend the neglect of that facility caused her to have another heart attack. She is currently in ICU at North East Baptist Hospital since Saturday Aug 11th . The attending physician stated that her condition ...

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Lyft me up: New car & New Start GoFundME Viral Exposure

My husband, Rob, is a disabled veteran, and Lyft is the perfect job for him. It lets him work his own hours, and take breaks whenever he needs to. Some times the memory intrusions become bad enough that he has difficulty working. Because of PTSD, he hasn’t been able to hold a traditional 9-5 job, but with Lyft he’s his ...

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Military Veteran Report USMC Next Pacific Gas & Electric Company (NYSE: PCG) Contaminated Water Camp Lejuene Birth & Behavioral Defects

Military Veteran Report USMC Contaminated Water at Camp Lejuene Birth and Behavioral Defects

WALKERTOWN, NC August 20, 2018 – Art Imitates Life, Life Imitates Art. Children can experience a range of mental health conditions. Nothing can be more heartbreaking than a parent seeing his child suffer and pretty much self-destruct right before his very eyes and more often than not feel very helpless about the situation. A very good way of properly dealing ...

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Please HELP Marine Veteran Firefighter Marine Corps Veteran SGT Prosser

Marine Corps Veteran SGT Prosser went into surgery for a simple hernia repair. He woke up to his wife and 2 young children with complete paralysis to his right leg. His wife CPL Prosser is a full time Nursing student, and he has been taken out of work until further notice. The doctors really aren’t doing anything or saying anything ...

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Disabled combat Veteran needs help

Disabled combat Veteran needs help DONATE TODAY! http://bit.ly/Disabled_Combat_Veteran Thank you for taking a moment of your time during your busy day to hear my situation and help me. My name is Ronald.  I am a total and permanent disabled U.S. Army veteran. I am  70 years old. I own my home and it is way under water. I owe $142,000.00 ...

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