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Talkster Launches Fun Group Calling Application on Facebook(R) Platform

2008-07-15 07:17:00

Talkster Phone Party lets Facebook Users Set up and Manage

Unlimited Free Long Distance, International and Group

Calls That Work from Any Phone

TORONTO–(EMWNews)–Talkster (,

the company delivering online communities instant mobile voice and text

communications, today officially launched Talkster Phone Party, bringing

Facebook users a fun and easy way to set up and manage free Talkster

long distance, international, and group conference calls, directly from

their Facebook profile pages. Talkster Phone Party can be downloaded

from Facebook at

Built on Facebook Platform, a platform that enables companies and

developers to build applications for the Facebook website, Talksters

Phone Party not only delivers free calls to and from more than 34

countries, but also allows Facebook users to preserve the privacy of

their personal phone numbers when calling or receiving calls from their

Facebook friends around the world.

With Talksters Phone Party on Facebook people

can set up their calls from their Facebook profile page, select the

friends they want to call from their Facebook account, and even add

other phone numbers from outside Facebook to be included in a group

party call. Advertising and special personalized offers for callers

cover the cost of the calls.

Talkster Phone Party lets callers add and remove friends from their

Phone Party groups on the fly. Callers can give their Phone Parties

custom names, and are given a clear view of all of their scheduled Phone

Parties so they can easily schedule and reschedule group calls and make

any changes needed.

Talkster Phone Party delivers free calls to and from more than 30

countries, including popular international calling destinations such as

the United States, Canada, the UK, Mexico, and China, with new countries

being added each month. With Talkster Phone Party, Facebook friends can

party with more friends from more places — all for free.

With Talksters

Phone Party you can bring up to five of your Facebook friends together

for a free chat, says James Wanless, Talkster

co-founder and COO. Setting up the Talkster

calls with other Facebook users all over the world is as simple as

selecting them from your friends list, and with Talkster there are never

any long distance or international calling charges. Because you may not

be comfortable sharing your phone number with some of the people you

have in your friends list, Talkster never exposes your personal phone


Once the Talkster Phone Party application is added to a Facebook profile

page, callers simply select friends from their Facebook friend list or

enter the names and phone numbers of the person or persons they want to

call. Talkster assigns free local Talkster numbers for each person or

group of people a user wants to call. These new phone numbers are

automatically listed in their profile on the Talkster Phone Party call

list, can be saved in any address book or contact list and can be used

every time a Talkster Phone Party user wants to talk for free, with no

interruptions or talk time limits.

The sixth-most trafficked website in the United States, Facebook is a

social utility that offers an efficient way for people to stay connected

with their friends and the people around them. A truly global community,

Facebook users communicate and share information through the social

graph, the network of connections and relationships between people from

all over the world. Talksters Phone Party

Application aims to give the more than 80 million active Facebook users

one more way to have fun, keep in touch, and get to know one another

even better. Now no matter where they are located, Facebook users can

talk and party live with their global Facebook friends — all for free

with Talkster Phone Party.

About Talkster

Talksters award winning voice technologies

are revolutionizing ad-supported telephony with a fully sustainable

mobile advertising supported business model which benefits both callers

and advertisers. Talksters Free World Dialing

is the only service for making long distance, international, and group

conference calls from any type of phone, on any network, for the cost of

a local call. Available as a white-labeled service, the Talkster

Platform brings instant mobile voice and text communications to online

communities around the globe. For more information visit Talkster on the

Web at, from your

mobile phone at,

from your iPhone at,

or check out the Talkster Phone Party application at

Facebook® is a registered trademark of

Facebook Inc.

Mobility Public Relations for Talkster
Melissa Burns, 208-946-4849

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