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Technology leads, win-win cooperation: Biotechnology Innovation Forum and SynTao Alliance-ICG strategic cooperation signing were successfully held

On January 5, 2024, the “Biotechnology Innovation Forum and SynTao Alliance-ICG Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony” was successfully held at the St. Regis Hotel in Changsha, China. This is not only a top academic and business exchange event that brings together global leaders, experts and business giants in the field of biotechnology, but also an important milestone in the process of business cooperation.

During the event, the successful signing ceremony not only marked the official start of the cooperation between Syndao Alliance and ICG in the field of biotechnology, but also symbolized the deep integration of technological innovation and business models, laying the foundation for the coordinated development of global biotechnology and future innovation strategic cooperation. Solid foundation.

The first speaker of the “Biotechnology Innovation Forum and SynTao Alliance-ICG Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony” is the Vice Chairman of the 12th Central Committee of the Jiusan Society, the Vice President of the China Statistical Society, the Dean of the School of Statistics at the Central University of Finance and Economics, and the 12th Jiusan Society. Director He Keng, a representative of the National Congress, delivered an important speech on the close integration of biotechnology and economic development. As a pioneer in econometrics and a well-known statistical educator in China, he deeply explained the core role of biotechnology in promoting global economic development, provided profound insights into current and future economic trends, and emphasized the role of biotechnology in solving economic challenges. importance in.


this forum , Dennis, the chief marketing officer, and Jelena, the chief financial officer of ICG Biotechnology Group, took the stage one after another. They jointly demonstrated the company’s market strategy and financial plan in the field of biotechnology. As the moderator of the forum said: “Today we are all looking forward to together, every guest will bring their unique insights and valuable experience to share.”

Dennis gave an in-depth explanation of ICG ‘s market positioning and marketing strategies, highlighting the company’s innovation capabilities and market competitiveness. Jelena focused on ICG ‘s financial health and future investment plans, reflecting the company’s international vision and industry foresight. The two executives’ speeches provided participants with deep insights into ICG’s development potential in the global biotech sector.


In addition, the forum also featured a fascinating video display from the ICG US Operations Center and a breathtaking themed sand painting performance, which vividly interpreted the wonders of biotechnology in a visual way. The video of ICG US Operations Center shows the depth and breadth of ICG US Operations Center in the internationalization process. The sand painting performance vividly displays the charm of biotechnology in front of the audience through unique visual art. These wonderful programs added a different kind of artistic and technological charm to the forum, and brought an audio-visual feast to the participants, making them unforgettable.

The pinnacle moment of the meeting was undoubtedly the signing event between SynTao Alliance and ICG. This important moment marks the official launch of cooperation between the two parties in the field of biotechnology, bringing more innovation and cooperation opportunities to the future. The successful holding of the signing ceremony triggered a climax in the venue, and elites from all walks of life expressed their expectations and congratulations for the cooperation.

Mr. Li Zheng, Executive Director of SynTao Alliance , members of the SynTao Alliance team, as well as ICGs CMO Dennis, CFO Jelena and team representatives gathered together on the stage to sign a strategic cooperation agreement and witnessed this glorious cooperation covenant. This moment not only emphasized the determination of both parties, but also laid a solid foundation for the future of cooperation.

In this grand forum, a crucial link is the expert roundtable forum with the theme “Future Outlook: Biotechnology at the Intersection of Health, Agriculture and Innovation” . This roundtable forum was co -hosted by leaders in the industry, including Dennis, chief marketing officer, chief financial officer Jelena of ICG Biotechnology Group, and Mr. Deng Mufan, senior consultant of SynTao Alliance . They not only provide in-depth analysis of the current status of biotechnology’s integration in health, agriculture and innovation, but also provide deep insights and predictions about the future direction of the industry, the challenges it faces and its potential opportunities.

With its excellent discussion quality, this session not only promoted knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas among participants, but also provided insightful suggestions on the future development path of the industry. Through these in-depth dialogues, the participants not only broadened their horizons, but also deepened their overall understanding of the field of biotechnology, thereby laying a solid and far-reaching foundation for future cooperation and innovation.


The “Biotechnology Innovation Forum and SynTao Alliance-ICG Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony” ended successfully with a dinner full of relaxed atmosphere and delicious food. This is not only the starting point of a new era of biotechnology, but also marks the close cooperation between SynTao Alliance and ICG. During the forum meeting, participants witnessed the innovation and development in the field of biotechnology and discussed future cooperation prospects in pleasant exchanges, demonstrating the new stage that the biotechnology industry is about to enter. This successful forum fully demonstrated the potential of the industry and the prospects for cooperation, indicating that biotechnology will continue to lead the wave of innovation and development.


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