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The Campus of Care Global Unveils Initiative Bolstering Maternal Health Worldwide

Campus of Care Advances Global Initiative to Bridge Gaps in Maternal Health

Dallas, Texas – Dec 5, 2023 – (EMWNews) – In a major step towards enhancing maternal well-being worldwide, the pioneering Campus of Care Global Healthcare Corporation has proudly introduced a groundbreaking new global initiative.

Guided by CEO Dr. Dannah McKellar Ntaka’s visionary leadership, this initiative signifies the organization’s strategic commitment to expanding the reach and strengthening the impact of its transformative maternal health efforts globally. Recognizing the interconnected maternal health challenges across countries, Campus of Care seeks to address disparities through a holistic, multifaceted approach.

Established in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina to advance healthcare solutions for vulnerable groups, Campus of Care has long focused on elevating outcomes for women of color, children and marginalized communities. Its new flagship initiative represents a crucial milestone for the organization’s ongoing mission to promote equitable access and foster well-being.

“Maternal health is a universal concern, and every mother deserves quality care regardless of geography,” said Dr. Ntaka, a clinical research expert dedicated to the cause. “This global initiative demonstrates our commitment to improving mothers’ lives worldwide.”

Strategically integrating research, education and specialized care, Campus of Care aims to tackle the myriad aspects of maternal health in unison. By creating an nurturing, inclusive environment, it strives to support women throughout continuity – from pregnancy through postpartum.

The wide-ranging initiative encompasses specialized home care services, professional healthcare training, recruiting campaigns and public health education programs. This multi-pronged approach intends to address disparities comprehensively by focusing on four key pillars.

“As a clinical research leader, I’m proud to spearhead Campus of Care’s ambitious initiative,” Dr. Ntaka added. “We aim to provide meaningful resources on a global scale to enhance maternal well-being and mitigate preventable challenges.”

Contact Information

Contact Person: Dannah McKellar
Phone Number: 1.888.74WOMEN (1.888.749.6636)
International Headquarters: 3838 Oak Lawn Avenue, Suite 1000, Dallas, Texas 75219
Northeast Regional Office: 1700 Market Street, Suite 1005, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

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