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Short Summary
We are setting up a new startup company that will help mid to large firms in their digital transformation so that they can be more relevant and productive in the 21st century.

What We Need & What You Get
We are offering a customized solution for each company. Customization is the key. Each company is different so they need to all be treated differently. We meet their high ranking representatives and do a 2 week overview of how their company is operating.

We then create a customized digital strategy tailored to their specific needs that will great benefit the firm as a whole. We will sponsor weekly webinar meetings done at their convenience to address the different issues of the digitalization process.

We will update or customize relevant components of their business as so not to interrupt the production and delivery of their products or services to their customers.

We need 5 Laptops, 5 Servers, $10,000 marketing budget, yearly hosting service, professionally made corporate website, sound system, video equipment, and cost of incorporation.

Here is what you will receive as a “Thank You” for supporting us:

For Contributions of $100 – $500 (Level 1)
1. Website Evaluation
2. SEO/Keyword Research
3. Website Development and Maintenance
4. Backlink Analyst
5. Services will last for 1 month.

For Contributions of $501 – $10,000 (Level 2)
1. All services in Level 1 plus …
2. Social Media Postings to 5 sites
3. 5 Competitor Research
4. Blogging Services
5. Set up Social Profiles to 5 sites
6. Services will last for 3 months.

For Contributions of $10,001 to $20,000 (Level 3)
1. All services in Level 2 plus …
2. Mobile App Development
3. Lead Generation
4. Social Reputation Monitoring and Fixes
5. Video Ad Development
6. PPC services
7. Application programming and development
8. Services will last for 6 months.

For Contributions of $20,00 and Above (Level 4)
1. All services in Level 3 plus …
2. Digital Strategy Blueprint
3. Cloud Infrastructure Set up
4. Cloud Infrastructure Development
5. Cloud Infrastructure and monitoring
6. Creation of Digitalized Assets for Customers
7. Webinar Advertising

The Impact
The benefit of digitalizing more companies will lead to better customer interaction and feedback. The quality of Product’s and Services will greatly improve because the companies’ internal business operation and organization will be more efficient. As a result there will be a reduction in physical waste of resources and a reduction of cost and manufacturing or creation of products and services.

Risks & Challenges
The biggest challenge for this campaign is being willing to change for the better. More often than not, even if one knows the benefits that a process offers them, they might rebel or be reluctant to take action no matter what incentives or assurances are given to them.

We hope through effective presentation and continued communication that companies would come around and take advantage that will greatly benefit them for the future.

Other Ways You Can Help
Please share this campaign with others who might be interested in this subject matter. Please use the Indiegogo share tools to connect to others!

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