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The NOIA Foundation Releases Their First Italian Heritage Calendar of Events

2008-07-28 13:40:00

The NOIA Foundation Releases Their First Italian Heritage Calendar of Events

    CLEVELAND, July 28 /EMWNews/ -- The Northern Ohio Italian

American (NOIA) Foundation has released the organization's first events

calendar, which features events revolving around the Italian-American

heritage in Northern Ohio.

    The 2008-2009 calendar uniquely runs from July 1, 2008 through June 30,

2009, covering NOIA's fiscal year. Each month features a schedule of

Italian-American events in Northern Ohio, as well as events taking place

nationally and in Italy. The calendar also illustrates the fabric and

splendor of Italy with breathtaking photography throughout the calendar.

Lastly, NOIA lists their partner organizations in the Italian-American

community and the contributions the Foundation has made to them.

    Umberto Fedeli, Chairman, explains the motivation behind creating a

comprehensive events calendar for the members. "Our objective was to

produce something that would remind members throughout the year about NOIA

events, to encourage them to participate in these events and to remind them

of the contributions the organization makes to the Italian-American

community in Northern Ohio. The end result was a calendar that accomplished

these objectives and also captured the beauty and charm of Italy. We're

very proud of this piece and have received numerous compliments on its

quality and value."

    NOIA strives to preserve and develop a refined sense of cultural

identity. It supports organizations that assist in the transmission and

retention of the values and ideals consistent with our Italian-American

traditions and heritage, and fosters the embracement of the rich Italian

culture by all.

    For additional information about NOIA and their events, please visit

    About the NOIA Foundation:

    The Northern Ohio Italian American Foundation (NOIA) is a member driven

non-profit organization designed to bring the philanthropy of

Italian-Americans to their local communities. The Foundation's mission is

to create leadership of prominent Italian-Americans to promote our heritage

in a positive perspective that will reinforce a sense of honor, respect,

and admiration; and collectively unite the vast resources of our people.

    The NOIA Foundation provides resources to help the people and causes of

the Italian-American community of Northern Ohio. The Foundation was

organized to assist religious institutions, schools, and community

organizations with strong Italian-American backgrounds. Particular areas of

interest to the Foundation include: Culture, Education, Religion, and

Supportive Services.

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